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Last updated - 03/31/2008

An integration service is a general method of exchanging information that other agencies share with the court. For example, the name of the respondent, plaintiff and/or defendant, the case number associated with a certain case or the disposition of case, is shared information that most court business partners need. Please review the Court Integration Services Fact Sheet for more information.

Integration services fall into several categories:

  • General Purpose Integration Services
    • Submissions - allows external entities to submit information to the court, such as the prosecutor submitting a criminal complaint.
    • Notifications - at key business events, external entities are notified that a key business event has occurred. Note: this service is currently only available for Criminal and Family case types.
    • Queries - provide current lookup of information for a specific area (such as a case or a party to a case)
    • These services conform to the CourtXML schema.
  • Point to Point Specialized Integrations

Government agencies that need view only access to court information, but do not want to reprogram their systems to consume Integration Services, can gain access through MNCIS Public Access (MPA) or MNCIS Odyssey Access (OA). Another alternative is through Court Web Services.

The services listed below include those that are currently finished and in production, as well as those that are planned for future development. In many cases, future integrations are dependent on additional development by the MNCIS application vendor (Tyler Technologies), in addition to work by the Court's integration team.

Please note: as the Courts Integration Team develops these integration services, the list of services and their definitions may change. The list in this document represents our best planning knowledge at the present.



Integration Service Description Status
POC e-Complaint filing Submit criminal complaints electronically to the court (initial proof of concept version in Carver County). Production
Enhanced e-filing An enhanced version of e-filing is being developed that includes a new version of the criminal complaint, tab-charges, and citations.


Batch citation submission Submit batches of citations for automated uploading into MNCIS. Testing can begin 1st quarter 2007. End of 2007
Warrant update Submit updated warrant status to Court. End of 2007
Add conditions Add conditions for a party on a case (in MNCIS terminology, this is adding "interim conditions" to the case). End of 2007
Schedule a hearing Request to schedule a hearing on a case. Production
Update attorney assignments Update prosecutor and defense attorney assignments, for criminal cases. Production
Update court professional assignment Update case assignments for other non-attorney professionals. Production
Add external case identifier Associate an identifier from another system to a MNCIS case as a case cross reference id. Production
Add external party identifier Associate an identifier from another system to a MNCIS party. Production
Add an informational item to a MNCIS Case Add a clerical case event reflecting non court case activity to an existing case record. Produciton
File electronic documents File documents electronically to the court, as binary attachments to the incoming message. Note - this is an early draft for planning purposes only, it represents our initial technical design research. Final Design and implementation timetable is TBD.There are currently no plans to begin development on this until after the MNCIS rollout is complete. Future



Integration Service Description Status
Case Notification Notification message when case information is changed at different stages of case processing. Production
Case Notification - Bond events Notification when bond information is updated. Production
Case Notification - Party updates Notification when information on a party is updated. Future
Case Notification - Civil Judgments Notification when a Civil Judgment is entered (or updated). Future



Integration Service Description Status
CaseGet Get detailed information for a case including: Production
CaseSearchByParty Search for a cases based on party identifying information Production
CaseGet - Financial Information Add [limited] financial payment information to the information that can be returned by the CaseGet service Production
CaseGet - Civil Judgments Add Civil Judgments to the information that can be returned by the CaseGet service Future
PartySearch Search for a party Future
PartyGet Retrieve information for a specific party Future
Calendar Extract Periodic extract of court calendar information. 2008
Custody Status Feature to allow Odyssey/MNCIS users to query custody facilities to obtain the custody status for MNCIS parties. Future


Point-to-Point Integrations

The point-to-point integrations listed below use a variety of methods to share the data and may not adhere to the general-purpose Integration Services described in other documentation on this website. Many of these data exchanges were implemented before the general-purpose Integration Services and CourtXML were determined to be the standard. These integrations will be migrated to using the general-purpose Integration Services and CourtXML as time and resources allow.

Integration Status

Appellate Case Initiation
MACS (Minnesota Appellate Courts Case Management System) requests and receives MNCIS (Minnesota Court Information System) case information to initiate new Appeals cases. The Integration Team is currently developing access to the Integration Services via SOAP messages. This will provide the MACS application with the Trial Court case data it will need to initiate Appellate cases. The MACS vendor is CP Court Tech (formerly known as Verilaw).


Case Initiation
An electronic Criminal Complaint form is received from the County Attorney's system via CriMNet and then initiates a case in MNCIS. The eComplaint is in production in Carver County only, but is providing valuable experience for providing this service in other jurisdictions as well.


OFP Case Initiation
The Orders For Protection (OFP) system requests and receives MNCIS case information to initiate new Orders. This integration is currently in production statewide.


Court Disposition pass to the Criminal History Repository at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA)
Adult and Juvenile disposition data from the MNCIS has been passed to the BCA since July 2004. The CCH disposition pass includes both adult and juvenile disposition data. The adult disposition data includes felony, gross misdemeanor and targeted misdemeanor charges as well as dispositions where the charge was originally filed as a felony, gross misdemeanor or targeted misdemeanor and disposed at a lesser level. The juvenile data includes both felony and gross misdemeanor dispositions.


Court conviction pass to Department of Public Safety/Driver Vehicle Services (DVS)
Adult and Juvenile convictions from MNCIS have been electronically passed to DVS, to be applied to the driver's licenses, since November 2004. The court's conviction data is sent at the time of initial conviction. The ability to pass updates to convictions is planned for another phase of the project with DVS.


Minnesota Board on Continuing Legal Education (MBCLE)
Information on attorneys is passed to the Minnesota Board of Continuing Legal Education office from the Attorney Registration System.


Court disposition pass to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Adult and Juvenile dispositions from MNCIS will be passed to the DNR on a scheduled basis. The type of data passed will be DNR-specific dispositions.


Collection Agency Pass
Pass case information to a collection agency when collection activity needs to be initiated or updated.


Secretary of State Pass
Notifications sent to the Secretary of State when events that affect voters status occur on court cases.


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