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Electronic Filing

Last updated - 07/13/2007

Court Integration Services within the SCAO provides a number of services that support the electronic sharing of court data with other criminal justice entities. These so-called integration services are of three main types: notifications, queries and submissions (e-filing).

This document gives a technical overview of the e-filing or electronic submission services available for MNCIS. The information provided here is intended for technical resources that will be modifying or creating applications that will submit messages to the courts and consume responses that result from those submissions.

An electronic submission service allows authorized external agencies to electronically submit transactions to the court, for purposes of updating the court's case management system. These transactions, or messages, must conform to a specified CourtXML format. Refer to the Court Integration Services website for a complete list of submission services that are available.

Some submission messages are designed to initiate cases in MNCIS, and others add or update information on existing court cases. These messages are validated, and if valid, they update the MNCIS database. MNCIS provides the capability to have some types of submission messages routed to a workflow queue for review and acceptance by an authorized court user, prior to the database being updated. Whether or not a particular type of e-file is routed to a MNCIS workflow queue for user review and acceptance is something that is decided by an individual county court administrator.