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Case Cross Reference

Last updated - 02/26/2014

Service Type: E-File Submission

Associates other agency identifiers with MNCIS cases. A given court case could have multiple case cross reference number identifiers. The cross reference numbers serve to relate the court case to corresponding records in external record management systems.



Service Endpoints

  • MQ Series
    • Queue Name: IS_SUBMIT_MNCIS_EFILE_02
    • Queue Manager
      • Development: MSCJB01D
      • Test/QA: MSCJB01T
      • Production: MSCJB01P
  • Web Services
    • Service Address: WebServices/ServiceCatalog/CaseCrossReferenceService_3_2.svc
    • A copy of the WSDL is available on our public website. By default this points at the Test/QA environment. At runtime you will need to update the endpoint address to reflect the environment you are using.