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MNJAD Extracts & Reports Requests

Follow these steps to successfully submit your agency's request for a MNJAD Extract or Report.

Important: Before your agency may request a MNJAD Extract or Report, it must complete a Master Subscriber Agreement (which covers all services). If your agency has already completed an agreement, continue with the steps below. 

Step One: Policies & Notices

Carefully read this document to learn applicable policies and notices related to your application for a MNJAD Extract or Report. To receive alerts when changes are made to the Policies & Notices, please subscribe to the RSS feed at the top of the MNJAD Extracts & Reports webpage.

Step Two: Request Form

To request a new or additional MNJAD Extract or Report, use the following form. Attach a copy of your agency's agreement to each form that you submit. 

Step Three: Support

After your agency receives approval of its MNJAD Extract or Report request, refer to the MNJAD Extracts & Reports webpage for further instructions, frequently asked questions, and support information.