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Courthouses with Viewable Documents

For several years members of the general public have had access to some case information through courthouse public access computer terminals and via the Judicial Branch website. Visitors could find information about a case such as the names of the parties, when a hearing is scheduled, what case events have occurred and what documents have been filed.  

As the Judicial Branch’s move to electronic case records expands, the public is now able to view publicly available case documents on courthouse terminals. Confidential and sealed documents will not be available.  

District courts are currently in the process of converting paper case documents into digital images that will be stored in the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS). As courts complete that process those documents will be viewable via the courthouse terminals in all Minnesota courthouses. 

Documents from many types of cases filed in all counties are now available at courthouse terminals. The sharing of document images for Minnesota courts in all counties was completed at the end of April 2014.