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Agent Renewal Application Form

Renewal Process

Rule 702(a), as amended effective February 1, 2005, states:  “Approved applicants are required to apply for renewal of approval within a time period (not less than one year) established by the State Court Administrator’s Office.” 

Renewal Period:  Approval to issue bail bonds is subject to renewal every two years. 
Renewal Group Assignments:  All agents are assigned to a renewal group – Renewal Group A or Renewal Group B.
Expiration Date

  • Approval for all agents assigned to Renewal Group A will expire June 30 of every even numbered year, beginning with June 30, 2006. 
  • Approval for all agents assigned to Renewal Group B will expire June 30 of every odd numbered year, beginning with June 30, 2007.

Renewal Instructions and Application Form

Renewal Application Deadline:  You must submit your renewal application to SCAO on or before June 1 in order to renew your approval to issue bail bonds in Minnesota.

Renewal Notices:  No later than 60 days before the expiration of an agent's approval, the State Court Administrator's Office [SCAO] shall send a written notice to each bail bond agent in the renewal group advising them of:

  1. the expiration of their approval on June 30 of that calendar year;
  2. the renewal application procedures; and
  3. the consequences of failure to submit a timely renewal application. 

The renewal notice is sent to the agent's last known home address on file with SCAO.  Notice is also sent to the agent's bonding company at the bonding company's last known business address on file with the SCAO.

Consequences of Failure to Submit a Timely Renewal Application:  If you do not submit a timely renewal application, you will not be authorized to issue bail bonds in Minnesota beginning July 1.  Your name will remain on the Approved List showing an “Expired” status for one month, and thereafter will be removed from the list.  In the event that you do not submit a renewal application by June 1, you may be required to complete a New Agent Application Form, including the full BCA criminal background check, in order to obtain approval and have your name included on the Approved List.

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