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Help with Criminal Expungement

Get Criminal Expungement Forms

You can get a printout of your Hennepin County criminal case history, including the Criminal Expungement Forms Packet, for $10.00 at the following locations:

Violations Bureau
Hennepin County Govt. Center
300 South 6th St., 2nd floor (skyway)
Minneapolis, MN 55487-0421  map
Suburban Court Locations
Division 2 (Brookdale) 
Division 3 (Ridgedale) 
Division 4 (Southdale)

Criminal Expungement Forms You may also download the Criminal Expungement Forms for free from the MN Judicial Branch website. NOTE: You will still need to get a copy of your criminal case history to fill out the forms completely.

You must get a hearing date from the court to write in the forms. To schedule your hearing, call the Expungement Scheduling Line (612)348-8305 or visit the Self-Help Center office.

NOTE: If you want to expunge a Hennepin County Juvenile Court case, please contact the 4th District Juvenile Court to get the required forms and to schedule the hearing.

Get Your Complete Criminal Case History

Before you start filling out the forms, you need printouts of your criminal case histories for all cases where you were charged with a crime, even those where you were not convicted. A crime means a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony. Make sure you get printouts for ALL cases in state and federal court anywhere in the U.S., plus information about any criminal cases in other countries.

  • Get a copy of your criminal case history from a Minnesota Court. Visit or contact Court Administration in the county where you were charged with a crime to get a printout (list) of your Minnesota criminal case history (for that county). If you have criminal cases in more than one county, contact each county court for your criminal case history. If you want to get a copy of a document from a criminal case in Hennepin County, go to the District Court Records Center.
  • Contact the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) to get a printout of your criminal record information for the entire state. Law enforcement agencies are required to report certain details about crimes to the BCA. The BCA report might not include all criminal records available at the courthouse. Visit the BCA in person, read more about BCA record search on their website or contact them by mail. The BCA mailing address is:

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
1430 Maryland Avenue
CJIS Section
St. Paul, MN 55106

  • Get a copy of your criminal history from another state. If you had criminal cases in other states, contact those courts directly about your criminal record information. You may also want to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) if you are not sure of your complete record in other states, and the website is http://www.fbi.gov/. Their mailing address is:

FBI-CJIS Division - Record Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, VA 26306
(no contact by phone)

Expungement Forms Tools

Crim Exp Tutorial Expungement Forms Tutorial

Step-by-Step Criminal Expungement Tutorial is an online video tutorial that explains step-by-step how to complete the forms and the procedures to follow after completing the forms.

Step by Step Guide to Criminal Expungement FormsExpungement Instructions Booklet

Step-by-Step Guide to Criminal Expungement (.pdf) is set of printed instructions to learn how to fill out the forms and understand the procedures to follow after completing the forms.

Walk-in Services

If you need more help with expungement of a criminal case that was filed in Hennepin County District Court, you may visit the Self-Help Center where court staff and volunteers are available to review your papers and answer questions on a walk-in basis. NOTE: It usually takes several hours to fill out all of the expungement forms, and you probably won't finish in one day, so if you come to the Self-Help Center, please arrive early in the day.

See also Find a Lawyer & Legal Resources.

Self-Help Center
Hennepin County Govt. Center
300 South 6th St., 2nd floor (skyway)
Minneapolis, MN 55487-0421  map
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday
closed holidays 
(612)348-9399 (recording)


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