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NOTE: Court Reporters assigned to specific Judges or Referees are also listed in the Directories.


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Transcript Requests

The Court Reporter Unit is responsible for scheduling and assigning court reporters to proceedings so that they can record what is said in the courtroom. The court reporter may be present in the courtroom during the proceeding, or they may use audio equipment to record what is said in the courtroom from a remote location. They also handle requests for written transcripts of proceedings. NOTE: Not all court proceedings are recorded where a transcript would be available.

Transcript is the Official Court Record

According to Rule 4, subd.3 of the MN Rules of Public Access and the District Court's standing Order "Relating to the Official Court Record," the official court record is a written transcript of a proceeding, and audio recordings of court proceedings are not to be disseminated or released.

Conciliation Court case? If you want to have a judgment from Conciliation Court "transcribed" to the District Court level, you must contact Conciliation Court. Please follow the steps for How to Transcribe a Judgment to District Court.

Transcript Fees

There is a Fee for written transcripts that is paid directly to the court reporter before she or he prepares the written transcript. If you are low income and have a fee waiver order (IFP) in your case, you can file a Supplemental Fee Waiver form to ask the court to waive the transcript fees. A judge must approve the fee waiver before the written transcript can be prepared. If the judge denies your request and you still want a transcript, you must pay the fee before the transcript can be prepared.

Transcript Request Form Transcript Request Form   

If you want to purchase a transcript and you know which Court Reporter who was present at the hearing, you may contact him or her directly. Some court reporters are listed in the Directory of Judges, or you could call the Court Reporter Unit at (612)596-2870 to find out the name of the Court Reporter at the hearing.

If you want to purchase a transcript and you do not know which Court Reporter was at the proceeding, you can complete a Transcript Request Form, and then send it to us by mail, fax, or email at:

4th Judicial District Court
Hennepin County Govt. Center
300 South 6th Street, #C859
Minneapolis, MN 55487
Fax: (612)596-0058
Email: 4thCourtReporterUnit@courts.state.mn.us

We respond to requests within one business day, and a Court Reporter will contact you as soon as possible regarding the fee.


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