Public Notice Detail
Statement of Work: State Court Administrator’s Office seeks a vendor responsible for providing user experience/ user interface design activities for the development phase of an Information Technology Division systems replacement project

Posted: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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Q: Is there an incumbent providing the required services or is this a new position?
A: There is no incumbent providing the required services.  This is a new position specific for this project.
Q: The request mentions that vendor has to be IT Technical/Infrastructure services and IT Application/Dev and support services may submit a response.
Do we have to be approved in both the categories to be able to bid or we can bid if we are approved in one of the two categories. We are an approved vendor in the IT Application/Development category.
A: A vendor does not need to be approved in both categories to be considered for this project.
Q: The PICS UX/UI Design role that came out on October 16th matches the one that came out today, October 25th.  Did you just move out the due date?  Or are there 2 positions?
A: The date was moved out to update some language in the SOW.  There is only one User Experience/User Interface Design position for this project.