News Item
2008 Minnesota Judicial Branch Annual Report Now Available

Posted: Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The 2008 Minnesota Judicial Branch annual report to the community is now available.  In keeping with our efforts to use resources wisely while we focus on our constitutional responsibility of resolving disputes, we have issued our report online (22.5 MB).  We hope you find the report informative and easy-to-use. 

This year's report reviews the very ambitious agenda we are pursuing to build the 21st Century Minnesota court system. In the past two years we have completed work on a new statewide case information management system that allows electronic, real-time sharing of information between the courts, law enforcement and our other justice system partners.  We have made it possible to look up both district and appellate court cases through our Website.  We have added telephone and online fine payment options for three of our largest courts, with more to be added soon.  We are working with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to enable the electronic filing of complaints and traffic citations, a system that will reduce work and speed case processing.

The report details how we have increased collections of fines and fees and have been very busy innovating, cutting costs and improving access to court records for our justice system partners and the public.  In addition to being good for the citizens of Minnesota - many of these initiatives have also received national recognition for being innovative and effective.  "Though the budget challenges faced by the state have impacted the judiciary, we remain committed to our constitutionally prescribed mission of providing fair and timely resolution of cases and controversies," said Chief Justice Eric J. Magnuson.