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Request for Proposal for Business Continuity Management Consultant

Posted: Wednesday, December 20, 2006

(Originally posted 11/16/2006:)

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(Update 12/20/2006:)

Answers to Request For Proposal Questions

  1. Do any emergency response or business continuity plans exist today for the State Court system? If so, are they system-wide plans or are they plans developed for each of the 100 individual court facilities?

    The State Court Administrator's Office, and some of the district courts and district offices have or are working on continuity of operation plans. There is no system-wide plan.
  2. Is it the objective of the State Court Administrator's Office to create a set of emergency response plans that are system-wide, or plans developed for each facility independently? If the latter is the case, are all to be completed during 2007 under this scope of work?

    The objective is to have plans for each location, and a Branch plan to address both localized and statewide emergencies. The intent is to have the consultant provide necessary tools and guidance in order to enable court staff to effectively and efficiently develop local and branch plans.
  3. Are any internal resources planned to be made available to us during this project?

    For the purpose of this project the following internal resources will be available to the consultant working in the Minnesota Judicial Center:
    • Office space, including desk, computer, and telephone.
    • Access to parking facilities
    • Access to Internet / CourtNet (Judicial Branch intranet)
    • Access to ITV, conference phones
    • Access to fax and copy machines
    • Access to conference rooms for meetings
    • Court personnel responsible for carrying out the various tasks in the work plan, including personnel in the State Court Administrator's Office.
    If you are wondering about a particular resource that is not included on this list, please ask if that particular resource will be available.
  4. Does the State have specific types of periodic training for judges and facilities staff members? If so, what are the number and types of training, locations, number of participants and their job types?

    The Judicial Branch does not have periodic training for judges and facilities staff members with regard to emergency or facility issues. Courthouses are county buildings, consequently facility meetings and training generally have been conducted by the counties with participation by the court representatives.
  5. Our experience conducting business continuity and COOP programs in both the public and private sector leads us to view a fairly narrowly defined scope of work that can be accomplished within a project budget. Is it contemplated by the State that:

    a. This project is to be completed in a single calendar year, or
    b. That this project would be a pilot program that will serve as a model to inform execution of additional programs taking place after 2007?

    a. Yes, to the extent reasonably feasible. If necessary consideration will be given to extending the project for an additional time of 6 months to 1 year, depending upon the circumstances.
    b. No.
  6. Is the State Court System open to inviting consultant candidates to make an oral presentation in St. Paul to demonstrate their approach and methodology for how to determine a realistic scope under your budget parameters?

  7. Does the Minnesota Courts System or the State Court Administrator's Office currently have a strategic crisis management plan document? If so, will a copy be made available to us during the proposal submission process?

    We do have a draft work plan: Download Work Plan as Word DOC | Download Work Plan as Adobe PDF
  8. Has the Minnesota Judicial Branch conducted a thorough operational risk assessment that includes key elements like judges, staff, law enforcement agencies, State government agencies, and other external stakeholders?

  9. Is there an approved and currently allocated budget for this project, if so are you able to disclose the allocated budget amount?

    As of the date of this response we have approximately $100,000 in grants allocated to this project. Depending upon the proposals we may or may not need to continue to explore other grant funding.
  10. Has the State Court System conducted practical exercises in cooperation with justice partners or other state and local governmental agencies in order to validate and test existing normal or emergency operations plans?

    Judges and court staff participate in evacuation and tornado drills conducted by county government or capitol security. The county that has statewide jurisdiction for isolation and quarantine cases has participated in a table top session with the Minnesota Department of Health regarding court procedures in isolation and quarantine cases, and will likely be participating in another, larger isolation and quarantine exercise organized by the Minnesota Department of Health tentatively set for sometime this spring.
  11. The Scope of Effort section of the RFP mentions that the selected consultant will be tasked with "establishing State, District and local emergency operation centers." Is it the intention of the State to use the contractor to some degree to assist in the design and implementation of operations facilities?

    The intention is to have the consultant provide guidance in determining the composition of emergency operation committees at the state, district and county levels; identifying the roles and responsibilities of the committee members; determining when and how a committee is activated in an emergency situation; and in locating and supplying designated operation centers.
  12. At the top of page 4, the RFP states that office space will be provided and the consultant is expected to be available during normal court hours. Is it the intent of the Administrator's Office that the consultant's staff be on-site for the duration of the project?

    It is intended that a single consultant be available and on-site at the court administrator's office for the duration of the project.