News Item
Fourth Judicial District Judge Bruce Peterson to Be Honored by the Hennepin County Bar Association

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2013

Fourth Judicial District Judge Bruce Peterson will receive the Hennepin County Bar Association 2013 Professionalism Award for a judge, honoring his devotion to the profession, the rule of law, and the independence of the judiciary.

In nominating Judge Peterson for the award, a judicial colleague placed emphasis on his efforts to improve the administration of justice. "He, with a team of partners, created the Co-Parent Court as a part of Family Court in 2010, using federal, county, and foundation money. Like other problem-solving courts, like the drug and DWI courts, the Co-Parent Court focuses on a particularly destructive, recurring situations in district court. Its participants, often on public assistance, are drawn from high poverty areas, and are offered help from community agencies to find employment or deal with domestic violence, addictions, or mental health problems. The mission of the Co-Parent Court is to create a model for paternity establishment that supports co-parenting to improve the social, emotional, and financial outcomes for children, families, and communities.