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Eric J. Magnuson Sworn in as Minnesota's 21st Chief Justice

Posted: Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eric J. Magnuson Sworn in as Minnesota's 21st Chief Justice

Eric J. Magnuson, 57, was sworn in Tuesday as Minnesota's 21st Chief Justice at the Landmark Center in St. Paul in front of more than 200 current and former judges, former colleagues, family and friends.

Chief Justice Magnuson (c) was sworn in by Associate Justice Alan Page (r).

Saying he would save his comments on his vision for the Judicial Branch he now heads for his State of the Judiciary speech June 17, he focused on thanking his family, friends and mentors for their support and guidance.

"My mother and father did not live to see this day," he said, "but left me with a legacy of achievement and service. They would have been proud. Dad would have smiled a little on the outside -- he was Norwegian after all -- but would have beamed on the inside. Mom, on the other hand, would have been approaching strangers in restaurants to tell them about my new job. I hope they are both smiling in their own way now."

Magnuson talked about his good fortune serving as a clerk for former Chief Justices Robert Sheran and Douglas Amdahl early in his legal career. "Bob Sheran showed me the importance of clear thought, limiting the ultimate decision to those points that were really at issue, and the responsiblity we all have as members of the profession -- lawyer or judge -- to treat everyone we meet with respect and dignity."

He closed by thanking all for coming. "None of us succeeds in this life walking our path alone. I am happy you could be here to share this moment."