News Item
Judge John Rodenberg Honored for Public Service

Posted: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fifth Judicial District Judge John Rodenberg (Brown County) has been honored with the Rosalie E. Wahl Judicial Award of Excellence for "outstanding efforts of public service."  Judge Rodenberg, who is based in New Ulm, received the award May 14 from the Minnesota State Bar Association at a ceremony in St. Paul. 

The award recognizes a judge who, like former Supreme Court Justice Wahl, is highly regarded not only for work as a judge, but also for dedication to and tireless efforts on projects improving the justice system.

"In his judicial role, Judge Rodenberg recently presided over a case involving medical treatment for a minor that drew national attention," said Court of Appeals Judge Terri Stoneburner in her nomination of Judge Rodenberg.  "With obvious compassion for the whole family involved in this case, Judge Rodenberg skillfully maintained court decorum in this highly emotionally charged case.  Despite the dramatic events that occurred outside of the courtroom, events in the courtroom reported in the media reflected only a calm, considered process that, in the end, served the best interests of the child.'

"An example of Judge Rodenberg's tireless efforts on projects improving the justice system is service on the Minnesota Judicial Council since 2005.  The Judicial Council is the administrative policy-making authority for the entire Judicial Branch.  John is currently the vice-chair of the council and chairs the 40-member Access and Service Delivery-2 Committee (ASD-2).  ASD-2 was created by the council to study and make specific proposals for the long-term delivery of services in the face of diminishing resources and seismic demographic changes in Minnesota's population.'

"Judge Rodenberg's calm, professional leadership has enabled ASD-2 to rationally confront and address controversial and potentially divisive issues such as optimal judge-unit configuration, use of judicial officers, and governance structure."