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Important Announcement for eFS System Users Regarding Web Browser Compatibility and System Unavailability

Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2015

Beginning September 1, 2015, some web browsers will no longer support the Silverlight platform, which is necessary to use eFS.  The only web browsers that will continue to support Silverlight is Internet Explorer (IE), version 9 and higher, and Mozilla Firefox.  If you attempt to access eFS with other web browsers, you may receive a message that your web browser is not compatible.

It is recommended that filers always use IE, version 9 and higher, when accessing eFS. You can download IE through the Microsoft website, and resume your work in eFS as normal.  There is no change in eFS functionality or appearance.

The Judicial Branch’s goal is to make using eFS a seamless experience for all users.  Until a solution for the browser compatibility issue is in place, an alternative method of accessing eFS is available for users who are unable to use IE or Firefox.

The alternative is a new platform called HTML5.  This will require using a different link to access eFS.  The eFS interface using the HTML5 platform looks different from the Silverlight platform, and may prove more difficult to navigate for users.  For more information, see:
  • Please note that users trying to access eFS with the new Windows 10 operating system can choose to use a new built-in browser called Edge.  Edge is compatible only with the HTML5 platform.  As an alternative, Windows 10 users can select to use IE instead of Edge to access eFS.

Compatible Browsers with eFS:
Web Browser    eFS in the Silverlight Platform
   (eFS version as of 9/1/2015)
   eFS in the HTML5 Platform
   (eFS version as of 9/1/2015)
Internet Explorer (IE)
Version 9
   Yes    No
Internet Explorer (IE), Version 10 and higher
   Yes    Yes
Edge (available only with Windows 10)                     No, but Edge users can           choose IE, instead (see the Tyler user manual)
Chrome    No    Yes
Firefox    Yes    Yes
Safari    No    Yes
If you have questions, please contact the MN eFile Support Center.