Dakota County Parent Education Classes

Parents Forever    
Parents can either take the online version of the class or the in-person version held in Burnsville. Both versions are based on the same content and take a minimum of 8 hours to complete. Topics include: The Impact of Divorce on Adults and Children, Legal Issues and the Role of Mediation, Money Issues and the Cost of Raising Children, and Pathways to a New Life. For further information and/or registration, visit the Parent's Forever Website

Parents attend two seminars: (1) Co-Parenting and (2) Legal and Economic Aspects of Divorce (LEAD). The Co-Parenting Seminar is a 4 ½ hour course that emphasizes the importance of workable communication between co-parents and provides tools to meet the ever-changing needs of children during the family transition. Co-Parenting is held in Richfield, Golden Valley, Shoreview, Ramsey, Inver Grove Heights, and Monticello. The LEAD Seminar is a 3 ½ hour course designed to be a basic introduction to the complex decision-making process of meeting the needs of children, managing the strong emotions parents often experience dealing with time and money, and navigating the foreign and sometimes confusing nature of law and finance. LEAD is held in Richfield and Monticello. Visit the Headway website or call 612-861-1675 for more information.
Children in Between Online Course
Parents take an online course to improve communication skills. Course includes in-depth tutorials, question and answer sessions, and a quiz to further engrain new skills. Parents will learn how to improve their interactions through active listening, mastery of "I statements", empathy and sensitivity, role modeling, and better overall communication skills. Visit Children in Between for more information.

Mediation Works North Online Impact-Based Parent Education
Impact-based Parent Education (IPE) course, offered online, is aimed at parents that are going through separation or divorce. The course is designed to increase access for parents to quality parent education and reduce the barriers of work, childcare and transportation expense. It is designed for "impact" which means it incorporates applicable resources and information to improve co-parenting skills. It provides you with practical solution-based information and support to improve your ability to manage conflict, communicate, and make transitions smoother for the sake of children.

Online Parenting Programs
OnlineParentingPrograms.com is pleased to partner with New Ways for Families and The High Conflict Institute to provide skills based high-conflict co-parenting classes.  These online classes help parents strengthen conflict skills to come up with personal strategies for solving problems and focuses on protecting children as their family reorganizes in new ways.  www.onlineparentingprograms.com

MN Family Law Basics
MN Family Law Basics is dedicated to helping parents successfully navigate their legal process relating to divorce and/or child custody matters and establish low-conflict separate parenting relationships.  Their curriculum is MN State Supreme Court approved and satisfies divorce/child custody and separate parenting education requirements state wide.  The 8-hour curriculum is divided into two 4-hour classes which can be taken in any order.  www.mnfamilylawbasics.com

Co-Parenting 101
At Ellie Family Services, their mission is to better the lives of everyday families by creating and delivering innovative and customized wellness solutions.  They offer workshops and training that are designed to provide skills and enhance knowledge in various areas related to daily life and family functioning.  Their co-parenting workshop is designed to teach and coach separating and divorcing parents the skills they need to maintain healthy relationships with their children and to ensure positive outcomes for them.  www.elliefamilyservices.com