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Hennepin County Jury Service

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Phone: (612) 348-3158

Welcome Hennepin County Jurors

All jurors are being asked to contact the Jury Office at (612) 348-3158 to be placed on call-in status at this time.  Please only come to the Government Center for Jury Service if your group number has been called for service.  If you are called in for service, please bring your summons.

Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea issued an order on May 15, 2020, addressing the process for implementing pilot jury trials for all state courts. Before starting pilot jury trials, pilot locations must develop a plan and complete a Jury Trial Pilot Checklist in order to address changes to facilities and protocols to meet social distancing and safety needs. Hennepin County District Court has met the criteria and will be participating in a pilot program.
  • In consultation with the Minnesota Department of Health, we have developed plans that include space for social distancing.
  • Hennepin County has developed an extensive cleaning protocol for our court facilities.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available in each courtroom.
  • Members of a jury will be spread out in a courtroom to provide space for social distancing.
  • We encourage you to wear your own mask; we will have a supply of masks or face shields for your use.
  • Jurors are encouraged to bring their own water and snacks to the Government Center at this time.
You must still complete your Juror Questionnaire according to the instructions on your summons. We thank you in advance for completing your Questionnaire online if you are able.  We also recommend signing up for electronic communications in the Questionnaire.  In an effort to minimize the time jurors spend at the courthouse, we are also asking that summoned jurors complete the Hennepin Supplemental Juror Questionnaire.

Further information can be found on the Call-in Reporting Information tab of this site as well as the State Juror Webpage.
Hennepin County information regarding COVID-19.
As citizens, we all enjoy the rights of due process and the right to a trial before a jury of our peers. Your service as a juror makes this possible.

Browse the tabs on this page for information about serving as a juror in Hennepin County. For FAQs, trial experience and general information, visit the Statewide Jury Service Information page.

For your convenience, we encourage you to use all of our online communication tools to stay in touch with the Jury Office.

Thank you for your service!

Responding for jury duty? Watch a video (5:08 minutes) to help you prepare.
Image about jury scams and protecting yourself by not giving out personal info by phone or email

Petit Jurors

Most people who receive a jury summons serve as petit jurors. Petit jurors serve on jury panels in both civil and criminal cases. Petit jurors listen to the evidence offered during a trial and return a verdict. A verdict in a civil case may be a finding for the plaintiff or for the defendant. A verdict in a criminal case finds the defendant guilty or not guilty.

Grand Jurors

People summoned to serve as grand jurors consider evidence the State has gathered before a trial in a criminal case. They make decisions about whether enough evidence exists for the State to move forward with the charges and prosecute the defendant.

Juror Pay

Petit and grand jurors are compensated for jury service at a rate determined by the Supreme Court for the days they are present, plus round-trip mileage from juror's residence to the Government Center.

Petit Jurors, upon completion of their jury service, should receive their check in the mail approximately one week later.

Grand Jurors should receive their check in the mail approximately one week after each week they are in session during their four month term.

Petit Juror

If you are summoned to serve as a Petit Juror, you may postpone your service for up to one year. To postpone your service, you must do one of the following before your summons date:
  • Call the Jury Office at (612) 348-3158;
  • Send your request in writing; or
  • When you complete the online Jury Questionnaire, you may request to postpone your service online at that time.

Grand Juror

If you are summoned to serve as a Grand Juror, you may not postpone your service date. You must complete the paper Juror Questionnaire that you received in the mail and return it in the pre-paid envelope. If you have questions, please call the Jury Office at (612) 348-3158.

In Hennepin County, the Grand Jurors usually meet each Thursday at 8:45 a.m. over a four-month period. The schedule varies; sometimes, your session may be completed in half a day, and other times you could be required to appear two days in the same week.
As a juror in Hennepin County, you have two options for completing jury service. You may either report to the courthouse in the Hennepin County Government Center each day of your two week service period, or you may request to be placed on Call-in Status. Jurors are paid for their service only if they are required to report to the courthouse. Once a juror is instructed to report to the courthouse, he or she continues to report there until told otherwise.

To qualify for Call-in Status, you must do the following:
  • Complete and return your Juror Questionnaire. You may complete and submit your Juror Questionnaire online or by mail (follow the return instructions found on the bottom half of your summons);
  • Call the Jury Office at (612) 348-3158 no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Friday before your summons date.  (Note: if that Friday is a court holiday, you must call by the last business day before that Friday.)  You must speak with a live agent in order to be placed on call-in status.
  • Arrange your schedule (e.g., work, childcare, etc.) so that you are available to go to court (if needed) on each day during your two week service period. Note: You should check with your employer's payroll or human resources department regarding the employer's policies on jury service, which could be a factor in deciding whether the call-in status option will work for you.
After being placed on Call-in Status, the Jury Office will assign you a new group number and give you the telephone number for the Message Line.
  • You must call the Message Line on the Sunday evening before your start date to see if you need to report to the courthouse by 8:15 a.m. for orientation on the first Monday of your service.
  • Each day of your service period you must check for instructions for your group number. You may check in by calling the Message Line, or click the Call-in Reporting Info tab on this page. The information is updated at 12:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Continue to check in twice daily during your two week service period, or as instructed for your group number.
Questions? Call the jury office at (612) 348-3158.

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This is the status update for on-call jurors Sunday, July 5, at 6:30 p.m.
No jurors on-call will need to report tomorrow, Monday, at 8:15 a.m.  Please check for the next update Monday at or after 12:15 p.m. 

Please note:  do not check this message prior to the times listed above, as the message is subject to change up until those times.

Picture of the Hennepin County Government Center

Hennepin Jury Office
Hennepin County Government Center
300 South 6th Street, Floor C-24
Jury Assembly Room
Minneapolis, MN 55487 Map »
Phone: (612) 348-3158


The Hennepin County Government Center is located in downtown Minneapolis at 300 South 6th Street (between 3rd Ave. S. and 4th Ave. S.) The building has two towers (C-Tower and A-Tower) that span across 6th Street. The north side of the building faces 5th Street and the Government Plaza transit station. There is a public entrance on that side of the building. The south side of the building faces 7th Street and there is also a tree-lined plaza and public entrance to the building.

People can also enter the Government Center from the skyway (2nd floor), which is called the Public Service Level. If you enter the building from the street level, take the escalator up one level to the skyway level. There is a fountain, cafe, and Info Desk on that level.

Follow the signs for Courts on the skyway level, which will lead you into the C-Tower. Continue on to the security checkpoint. Please allow extra time to go through weapon screening. Elevators are located just past the security checkpoint. Take an elevator to the 24th floor and follow the signs for Jury Assembly Room.

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