Le Sueur County Divorce Education Programs

Parents Forever Program

The Parents Forever Program helps divorcing couples make child-supportive decisions to preserve a positive parenting relationship with their children and each other.  The Parents Forever Program is a twelve-hour curriculum covering five topics. Instructors have professional training and experience in parent education, law and/or counseling. Classes can be taken online or in-person. For in-person class information, go to U of M Extension – Carver County Parents Forever classes, or visit Parents Forever Online Course for Parents for further information.

Children In Between

The Center for Divorce Education offers live and online classes aimed at lowering stress levels of children and parents during dissolution by providing effective skills for interacting with their kids and each other.  Call (877) 874-1365 or go to The Center for Divorce Education for further information and registration.

MN Family Law Basics

Attending an educational class is the most cost effective way to gain knowledge, boost your confidence and control your legal outcomes.  MN Family Law Basics offers an 8-hour curriculum divided into two 4-hours classes which can be taken in any order.  Class 1: Legal Process provides information about custody, child support/alimony and property distributions as well as legal process and settlement tools (such as Early Neutral Evaluations and Custody Evaluations).  Class 2: Separate Parenting focuses on the negative effects of parental conflict on children as well as the pitfalls and best practices for separate parenting.  Detailed information and registration is available online at MN Family Law Basics or by calling (952) 252-1492.

Online Parenting Programs

This online only company offers a wide array of parenting classes designed to assist families with co-parenting, parenting without conflict, parenting skills, military co-parenting, and behavioral skills training.  Classes are between 2-12 hours in length with varying costs including sliding fee.  Program benefits include multi-language availability, detailed reporting options, an ability to customize your education, and customer support.  Detailed information and registration is available at Minnesota Online Parenting Programs.  For more information call (866) 504-2883.

Impact-Based Parent Education

Minnesota courts legislatively require that parents involved in litigation over children, be it divorce, parenting time, custody or paternity, attend a Minnesota Supreme Court approved parent education program, regardless if parents are proceeding by default and stipulated agreement. Impact Parent Education (IPE) for Separating and Divorcing Parents meets all requirements for court ordered online parent education under Minnesota Statute 518.157.  Register online at Mediation Works North or call (218) 263-7307.

Co-Parenting 101

This class is not your ordinary co-parenting class.  Our dynamic and spirited instructors make it fun, filled with rewarding info, and a really great “life skills” class for reducing overall stress in all your relationships.  This class focuses on reducing conflict in the co-parenting relationship, making sure parents can meet their own goals, tips and tools for easier transitions through divorce, as well as interactive communication exercises.  Each participant goes home with a folder full of tools and resources, and lunch and snacks are included!  Register online at Ellie Family Services or by calling (651) 313-8080.

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