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COVID-19 Information

Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea issued an order on March 20, 2020 regarding the continuing operations of state courts during the COVID-19 pandemic; the order was amended by a March 23, 2020 order. The March 20 order as amended is effective Monday, March 23 through April 22.

Except for where hearings are required to be held under the order, or can be conducted using remote technology, many court appearances are suspended under this order. The status of your case will not be adversely affected by this decision. More information about this order is available at

If you have a court case scheduled in Mahnomen County District Court call (218) 732-2271 to determine if your case will be heard or scheduled to a future date. You may also contact the court by email and use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate county.

Individuals who need access to the courts in Mahnomen County will need to go to the main entrance (South door) and undergo screening by the Mahnomen County Sheriff’s Office.  Individuals who need to submit emergency filings on paper will be directed to place them in the drop box outside the Mahnomen County Courthouse at the main entrance (South door).