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FILED Wednesday, December 12, 2018




A17-1566        Melvin Bilbro, Appellant, vs. State of Minnesota, Respondent.
                         Court of Appeals.
            Reversed and remanded to the district court for imposition of concurrent sentences.  This order is issued with opinion to follow.  Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea.

A16-1374        In re Petition for Disciplinary Action against David Walter Olson, a Minnesota Attorney, Registration No. 0250326.
                         Supreme Court.
            Reinstated.  Justice David L. Lillehaug.

ADM05-8001    In re Administrative Suspension of Dennis Melnik a Minnesota Attorney, Registration No. 0395527.
                           Supreme Court.
            Suspended.  Justice David L. Lillehaug.

A18-0319        Angela Rogers, Relator, vs. Compass Airlines, Inc. and Chubb Group of Ins. Cos., Respondents.
                         Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals.
            Affirmed without opinion.  Justice Anne K. McKeig.

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FILED Wednesday, November 28, 2018

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.      State of Minnesota vs. Davon Allen – A17-1704 – Denied
2.      State of Minnesota vs. Justin Lee Armstrong – A17-1500 – Denied
3.      State of Minnesota vs. Alexis Giovanni Barrow – A17-1719 – Denied
4.      State of Minnesota vs. Lamont Johnson – A17-1422 – Denied
5.      State of Minnesota vs. Shawn Michael Peterson – A17-1898 – Denied
6.      State of Minnesota vs. Benjamin Lee Harris – A17-1458 – Denied
7.      State of Minnesota vs. Glen Dale Acon – A17-1560 – Denied
8.      State of Minnesota vs. Quentin Laurel Rasmussen – A17-1785 – Denied
9.      State of Minnesota vs. Adam Gregory Behl – A17-1587 – Denied
10.    Daniel J. Engstrom vs. Whitebirch, Inc., et al. – A18-0366 – Granted
11.    State of Minnesota vs. Shane Lester Gullickson – A17-1680 – Denied
12.    State of Minnesota vs. Dennis Dean Patzold – A17-1549 – Denied
13.    State of Minnesota vs. Jallah Sallah Kollie – A17-1974 – Denied
14.    State of Minnesota vs. Kevin Herman Larson – A17-1274 – Denied
15.    State of Minnesota vs. Brian Arthur Barthman – A17-1191 – Granted/Denied
16.    State of Minnesota vs. Chris Scott – A17-1556 – Denied
17.    State of Minnesota vs. Mario Dewayne Nelson – A17-1406 – Denied
18.    In re the Estate of: Harold E. Farnes, a/k/a Harold Farnes and Harold Ellwood Farnes, Decedent – A18-0036 – Denied
19.    Ambree Getz vs. Eila Kaarina Peace, et al. – A18-0121 – Granted
20.    State of Minnesota vs. Joshua Dale Swift – A17-1615 – Denied
21.    State of Minnesota vs. Melie Ike Ilogu – A17-1602 – Denied
22.    State of Minnesota vs. Bryce Monroe Muir – A17-1843 Denied
23.    State of Minnesota vs. Donald Cody Tarbell – A18-0349 – Denied
24.    State of Minnesota vs. Jason Owen Nelson – A17-1486 – Denied
25.    State of Minnesota vs. Anansa Ashanti McIntosh-Spicer – A17-1565 – Denied
26.    Paul King, et al. vs. County of St. Louis, Duluth Economic Development Authority – A18-0041 – Denied
27.    Robert Sam Raisch Jr. vs. State of Minnesota – A18-0536 – Denied


 28.    In re the Marriage of: Mandeep Singh Sodhi vs. Leisa Lynn-Ketelsen Sochi – A17-0094 – Vacated/Denied

Filed – November 20, 2018

 1.      In the Matter of the Welfare of the Child of: R.J.L., Parent – A18-0600 – Denied