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FILED Wednesday, October 19, 2016


A14-1792       State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. David Lee Haywood, Appellant.
                        Court of Appeals.
            Under Minn. Stat. § 609.165 (2014), the plain meaning of the word “firearm” does not include an air-powered BB gun.
            Reversed, conviction vacated.  Justice Natalie E. Hudson.
            Took no part, Justices Margaret H. Chutich and Anne K. McKeig.

A15-1587       Lincoln Lamar Caldwell, Appellant, vs. State of Minnesota, Respondent.
                        Hennepin County.
            1.   Neither the postconviction court nor the State substantially interfered with a recanting witness’s decision to testify at an evidentiary hearing. 
            2.   Where a recanting witness testified before invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, the postconviction court did not abuse its discretion by striking that testimony because the State did not have an opportunity to complete its cross-examination.
            Affirmed.  Justice Natalie E. Hudson.
            Took no part, Justice Anne K. McKeig.

A15-1821       State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Jonas David Nelson, Appellant.
                        Le Sueur County.
            1.   The district court did not err when it denied appellant’s motion to suppress his confessions because the totality of the circumstances shows that appellant voluntarily confessed. 
            2.   Appellant forfeited his Eighth Amendment challenge to his sentence when he failed to raise the claim in the district court.
            3.   The order attached to the Warrant of Commitment erroneously lists two convictions for lesser-included offenses, which are vacated.
            Affirmed as modified.  Justice Margaret H. Chutich.


A16-0921       In re Petition for Disciplinary Action against Charles A. Price, a Minnesota  Attorney, Registration No. 008816X.
                        Supreme Court.
            Indefinitely suspended.  Justice David R. Stras.



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FILED Tuesday, October 18, 2016

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.      State of Minnesota vs. Blake Adam Schneider – A15-1259 – Denied
2.      Sharon Anderson vs. YUM Design, LLC, Department of Employment and Economic Development – A15-1876 – Denied
3.      In the Matter of the Appeal by Kind Heart Daycare, Inc. of the Order of License Revocation and the Appeal by Yasmin
         Muhina Salim of the Disqualification Determination – A15-1470 – Granted
4.      State of Minnesota vs. Donald Kalib John Nichols – A15-1812 – Denied
5.      Pastor David Bacon, et al. vs. Board of Pensions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (d/b/a Portico Benefit Services)
          A15-1999 – Denied
6.      State of Minnesota vs. Michael Anthony Clark – A15-1317 – Denied
7.      State of Minnesota vs. Eric Toney – A15-1549 – Denied
8.      State of Minnesota vs. Boon Wa Thao – A16-0212 – Denied
9.      James Richard Huntsman vs. Zenith Annette Huntsman f/k/a/ Zenith Annette Morgan – A15-1781 – Denied
10.    State of Minnesota vs. Harrison William Rund – A16-0133 – Granted
11.    State of Minnesota vs. Andrea Deshawn Wilkes – A15-1499 – Denied
12.    Katherine Gayl, et al., Plaintiffs, Paul R. Scarpari, et al. vs. City of Rosemount, Friedges Excavating, Inc. – A16-0046 – Denied
13.    In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of:  Jamie Allen Andrews – A16-0237 – Denied
14.    State of Minnesota vs. Corey Michael Kokette – A15-1733 – Granted/Stayed
15.    In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of:  David Leroy Gamble, Jr.  – A15-1980 – Denied
16.    In re Adam Flores, Petitioner Adam Flores vs. Tom Roy, et al. – A16-1332 Denied
17.    State of Minnesota vs. Jeffrey Andrew Matiatos – A15-1501 – Denied