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FILED Wednesday, November 18, 2015


 A15-1316    In re Petition for Disciplinary Action against John Nwabuwane Akwuba, a
                      Minnesota Attorney, Registration No. 0280446.
                      Supreme Court.
           Suspended.  Justice David R. Stras.



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FILED Thursday, September 3, 2015

ADM10-8049     Rules of Criminal Procedure
                             Supreme Court
     Order promulgating amendments to the Rules of Criminal Procedure Form 11, Petition to Proceed as Pro Se Counsel, to be effective as of October 1, 2015.


FILED Tuesday, November 17, 2015

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.        State of Minnesota vs. Vennie Jerome Williams – A14-1204 – Denied
2.        State of Minnesota vs. Ali Mehralian – A14-1785 – Denied
3.        State of Minnesota vs. Richard John McNeil – A14-2186, A14-2190 – Denied
4.        State of Minnesota vs. Jesse Lee Weseman – A14-1986 – Denied                 
5.        Junious Taylor, Jr. vs. State of Minnesota – A14-1936 – Granted
6.        State of Minnesota vs. Robert Castillo – A14-1647 – Denied
7.        Terry Lynn Olson vs. State of Minnesota – A14-1632 – Denied
8.        State of Minnesota vs. Elliott Patrick Ketz – A14-1163 – Denied
9.        State of Minnesota vs. Christopher Robert Nicholls – A15-0168 – Denied
10.      In re the Marriage of:  Kerry S. Spolum vs. Michael J. D’Amato – A14-1335,
           A14-1720 – Denied
11.      State of Minnesota vs. Corey Vern Schmidt – A14-1544 – Denied
12.      State of Minnesota vs. Edwin Lee Johnson – A14-2054 – Denied      
13.      State of Minnesota vs. Forrest Grant Noggle – A15-0466 – Granted
14.      State of Minnesota vs. Fue Moua – A14-1859 – Denied
15.      Ferdinand Leo Gams, Jr. vs. Steven Ronald Houghton – A14-1747 – Granted
16.      Jerry Wayne Cole vs. Alexander Allen Wutzke – A15-0060 – Granted
17.      State of Minnesota vs. Joseph Wayne Hexom – A14-1934 – Denied
18.      State of Minnesota vs. Krystal Elizabeth Alwin – A15-0309 – Denied
19.      State of Minnesota vs. Ashimiyu Gbolahan Alowonle – A14-1308 – Denied
20.      In the Matter of:  KSTP-TV vs. Metro Transit, Respondent Below, Metropolitan Council
           A14-1957 – Granted
21.      Robert Burks vs. Metropolitan Council – A14-1651 – Granted
22.      State of Minnesota vs. Christopher Andrew Hondl – A14-1662 – Denied
23.      In the Matter of the Determination of the Need for an Environmental Impact Statement
           for the Northshore Mining Company Progression of the Ultimate Pit Limit in St. Louis
           County, Minnesota. – A15-0942 – Denied
24.      State of Minnesota vs. Lakesha Bolden – A14-1726 – Denied
25.      Victoria Lynn Robinson vs. State of Minnesota – A15-0065 – Denied
26.      State of Minnesota vs. Bradley Scott Junker – A14-1471 – Denied
27.      State of Minnesota vs. Jacob Miles Solberg – A15-0242 – Granted
28.      Patrick Samuel Meszaros vs. State of Minnesota – A15-0020 – Denied
29.      County of Washington vs. Walker Properties of Woodbury II, LLC, et al., Kevin Shoeberg,
           Defendant – A14-2101 – Denied
30.      Keith Melillo vs. Terry Arden Heitland – A15-0083 – Granted
31.      Ernest Malisheske, et al., Great West Casualty Company, Intervenor vs. Kevin Kortan, et al.  –
           A14-2100 – Denied
32.      In the Matter of the Welfare of:  D.M.T., Child. – A15-0418 – Denied
33.      State of Minnesota vs. Charles Jacob Whitcup, Jr. – A14-1666 – Denied
34.      State of Minnesota vs.  Demarcus Nasson Chaney – A14-1513 – Denied
35.      State of Minnesota vs. Edward Valentine Forsythe – A14-1674 – Denied
36.      State of Minnesota vs. Javon Lamar Johnson – A14-1880 – Denied
37.      Halvor Adams, III, as Special Administrator of the Estate of Halvor Adams, IV vs. Student
           Appeals Panel, University of Minnesota, Duluth, et al. – A15-1301 – Denied
38.      James Darnell Posey vs. State of Minnesota – A15-0237 – Denied
39.      Victoria Lynn Moreno, n/k/a Victoria Lynn Baalson vs. Kyle Richard Greene, and County
           of Meeker – A15-1175 – Denied
40.      State of Minnesota vs. Jeffrey Andrew Matiatos – A15-1501 – Granted/Vacated/Remanded
41.      State of Minnesota, by its Attorney General, Lori Swanson and its Commissioner of
           Commerce, Michael Rothman vs. CashCall, Inc., a California corporation, et al. – 
           A13-2086 – Stay Vacated/Denied
42.      In the Matter of the Welfare of the Child of:  D.M.R., Parent. – A15-0494 – Denied (11-16-15)