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FILED Wednesday, July 1, 2015


A13-1189     State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Brandon Wayne Riggs, Appellant.
                      Court of Appeals.
           1.   Minnesota Statutes § 611A.045, subd. 1 (2014), provides an exclusive list of factors for determining the amount of restitution to award. 
           2.   Because the victim’s role as the initial aggressor is not a factor set forth in Minn. Stat. § 611A.045, subd. 1, the district court erred by reducing the restitution award on this ground.
           Affirmed.  Justice Wilhelmina M. Wright.
           Dissenting, Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea and Justice G. Barry Anderson.
           Dissenting, Justice Alan C. Page.

A13-2044     Webb Golden Valley, LLC, Respondent, Evelyn Thomson, Plaintiff, vs. State
                      of Minnesota, et al., Appellant, Global One Golden Valley, LLC, Appellant,
                      Golden Valley Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Appellant.
                      Court of Appeals.
           1.    The loss of the opportunity to bid on land is an injury-in-fact that is sufficient to confer standing to challenge the State’s conveyance of land pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 161.44 (2014).
           2.   Because the district court’s order for a surety bond is supported by evidence of potential lost investors and a loss of tax revenue, the district court did not abuse its discretion in ordering the surety bond.
           Affirmed in part and reversed in part.  Justice Wilhelmina M. Wright.
           Took no part, Justice Alan C. Page.

A14-0995     In re Petition for Disciplinary Action against Mpatanishi Syanaloli Tayari-Garrett,
                      a Minnesota Attorney, Registration No. 342075.
                      Supreme Court.
           The referee’s conclusions that the respondent attorney violated the rules of professional conduct by willfully disobeying a court mandate, making false or misleading statements to a tribunal, and committing a criminal act that reflects adversely on her fitness as a lawyer are supported by the record.  Respondent’s misconduct is aggravated by her selfish motive, lack of remorse, and failure to acknowledge the wrongful nature of the conduct.  Based upon these violations and aggravating factors, the appropriate discipline is an indefinite suspension from the practice of law with no right to petition for reinstatement for 120 days.
           Per Curiam.



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FILED Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ADM10-8005            Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct.
                                Supreme Court.
           Order amending rule 7.3(b) of the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct effective June 11, 2015.


FILED Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1.        State of Minnesota vs. Jeffrey Dale Trevino – A14-0252 – Denied
2.        Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation vs. Gary E. Mitchell, et al.,
           John Doe, et al., Defendants – A14-1037 – Denied
3.        U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee for the C-BASS Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates, 
           Series 2006-RP2, vs. Timothy Knoedler, Candace Knoedler, John Doe, et al.,
           Defendants – A14-1394 – Denied
4.        Highland Bank vs. Mary L. Wyatt –A15-0275 – Denied
5.        State of Minnesota vs. Otis Ray Mays – A13-1187 – Denied
6.        State of Minnesota vs. J.A.H. – A14-1592 – Denied
7.        State of Minnesota vs. Albert Michael Openshaw – A14-0665 – Denied
8.        State of Minnesota vs. Jeffrey Alan Truelson – A14-1028   Granted/Vacated/Remanded
9.        State of Minnesota vs. Thomas Charles Williams – A14-1290 – Denied
10.      State of Minnesota vs. Ashley Shayia Lee, State of Minnesota vs. Tasheanna Yvonne Moore – A14-1503,
           A14-1504 – Denied
11.      State of Minnesota vs. Daniel Gary Mason – A14-1010 – Denied
12.      State of Minnesota vs. Troy Erik Johnson – A14-0341 – Denied
13.      Emmanuel Osei vs. State of Minnesota – A14-1277 – Denied
14.      Melrose Gates, LLC vs. Chor Moua, et al. – A14-1131 – Granted
15.      State of Minnesota vs. Jimmy Dawayne Lester – A14-0431 – Granted
16.      Mario Ferbo Mancini vs. State of Minnesota – A14-1577 – Denied
17.      State of Minnesota vs. Yuri Alexander Taylor – A14-1007 – Denied
18.      Alina Marie Konczak vs. State of Minnesota – A14-0597 – Denied
19.      Rojelio Castillo vs. State of Minnesota – A14-1067 – Denied
20.      State of Minnesota vs. Jose Luis Guzman – A14-1027 – Denied
21.      Terminal Transport, Inc. vs. Minnesota Insurance Guaranty Association – A14-1284 – Denied
22.      State of Minnesota vs. Joseph Douglas Ankney – A14-1267 – Denied
23.      Timothy Lamont Baugh vs. State of Minnesota – A14-1812 – Denied
24.      State of Minnesota vs. Wayne Deante Akis – A14-0748 – Denied
25.      Donald R. Wells, class representative on behalf of himself and others similarly situated
 vs. Holiday Companies, Inc., et al. – A14-1421 – Denied
26.      Temitope Raufu Ibraheem vs. Epic Entertainment, LLC – A14-1174 – Denied
27.      State of Minnesota vs. Larry Maurice Taylor – A14-0938 – Denied
28.      State of Minnesota vs. Roxanne Kay DeFlorin – A14-0992 – Denied
29.      State of Minnesota vs. Willie Ester Waters – A14-1266 – Denied
30.      State of Minnesota vs. Jason David Fredrickson – A14-0689 – Granted/Stayed
31.      State of Minnesota vs. Charles Chuck Jackson – A14-0836 – Denied
32.      State of Minnesota vs. Arthur Charles Huffman – A14-1363 – Denied
33.      In re the Marriage of:  Beverly Abuzzahab vs. Faruk Said Abuzzahab – A14-1116 – Denied 
34.      Hennepin County, Mamie Jegbadai vs. Gbenga Akinnola – A14-0612, A14-1681 – Denied
35.      State of Minnesota vs. Curtis Wayne Regguinti – A14-0747 – Denied
36.      State of Minnesota vs. Anthony Michael Bishop – A13-2409 – 
           Stay Vacated/Reversed/Remanded
37.      State of Minnesota v. Eric John Henderson-Bey – A13-0165 –  Stay Vacated/Denied