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FILED Wednesday, April 1, 2020


A17-1968        State of Minnesota, Appellant, vs. Jennifer Ann Culver, Respondent.
                         Court of Appeals.
            1.   The phrase “where the action manifests an intent substantially to deprive that parent of rights to parenting time” in Minn. Stat. § 609.26, subd. 1(3) (2018), creates an objective standard that focuses on the nature of the defendant’s action, rather than the defendant’s subjective intent.
            2.   Even if the circumstantial-evidence standard applies in this case, respondent is not entitled to relief because the only reasonable inference that can be drawn from the circumstances proved is that respondent’s actions, when viewed objectively, manifest an intent to substantially deprive her child’s father of court-ordered parenting time.
            Reversed and remanded.  Justice G. Barry Anderson.
A19-1420        Medline Industries, Inc., Relator, vs. County of Hennepin, Respondent.
                         Tax Court.
            The tax court’s valuation of a distribution-warehouse property was not clearly erroneous.
            Affirmed.  Justice David L. Lillehaug.
A18-0893        State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Edward Martin, Appellant.
                         Court of Appeals.
            Under Minn. Stat. § 243.166, subd. 1b(b) (2012), a person is required to register as a predatory offender when an out of state conviction would be a violation of a Minnesota statute listed in paragraph (a) of that subdivision.  Respondent failed to prove that appellant was required to register as a predatory offender because of his 1992 California conviction for sexual battery.
            Reversed.  Justice Paul C. Thissen.


A19-1932        In re Petition for Disciplinary against D. Gregory Mulligan, a Minnesota Attorney, Registration No. 0203592.
                         Supreme Court.
            Conditionally reinstated and placed on probation for 2 years.  Justice David L. Lillehaug.
A19-1595        Lillian S. Jensen, Respondent, vs. Donnelly Custom Manufacturing Co. and TRIFAC Workers’ Compensation Fund, administered by
                         Meadowbrook  Insurance Group, Relators, and Douglas County Hospital, HealthPartners, CentraCare St. Cloud Hospital, and
                         Anesthesia Associates of St. Cloud, Intervenors.
                         Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals.
            Affirmed without opinion.  Justice Paul C. Thissen.
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FILED Wednesday, March 25, 2020

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.       Edain Altamirano Flores, et al., Faegre Baker Daniels LLP vs. Spiros Zorbalas, et al., Stephen Frenz, et al., Mary Brandt – A19-0578 – Denied
2.       Gust G. Johanson, et al. vs. City of Moorhead – A19-0659 – Denied
3.       Siwek Lumber & Millwork, Inc. vs. Bluewater Holdings, LLC, et al., Vivo LLC, et al., Pine Financial Group, Inc. – A19-0047 – Denied
4.       Toyota-Lift of Minnesota, Inc. vs. American Warehouse Systems LLC, et al., Mark C. Juelich, et al., vs. Les Nielsen – A19-0302 – Denied
5.       Zayna Shire, et al. vs. Jodi Harpstead – A19-0807 – Denied
6.       State of Minnesota vs. Keith Ward Hohlen – A19-0016 – Denied
7.       Raymond L. Semler vs. Wendy K. McGowan, et al. – A19-0710 – Denied
8.       State of Minnesota vs. Joseph Robert Clay – A19-0250 – Denied
9.       State of Minnesota vs. Daniel Cole Simmons – A19-0198 – Denied
10.     Timothy Wodarck vs. Lakota Inc. – A18-1515 – Denied
11.      Peter Lanpher, et al., Plaintiffs vs. Jay Nygard, et al., City of Orono – A19-1811 – Denied
12.     State of Minnesota vs. Joshua Leigh Miller – A18-2160 – Denied
13.     State of Minnesota vs. Hassan Farth Muse – A18-2034 – Denied
14.     Stern 1011 First Street South, LLC, et al. vs. Kenneth A. Gere, et al. – A19-0338 – Denied
15.     State of Minnesota vs. Jose Salud Botello Vargas – A19-0109 – Denied
16.     State of Minnesota vs. Shawn Lorenzo Foote – A19-0838 – Denied
17.     State of Minnesota vs. Russell Edward Brown – A18-1735 – Denied
18.     State of Minnesota vs. Kenneth Raynold Sleen – A18-1486 – Denied
19.     In the Matter of the Application of Debora Lee Neu, Brian Joseph Neu for a Change of Name of Minor – A19-0314 – Denied
20.     State of Minnesota vs. William Daniel Finley – A18-1597 – Denied
21.     State of Minnesota vs. Vernon Kingbird, Jr. – A19-0030 – Denied
22.     In re NorthMet Project Permit to Mine Application; In re Applications for Dam Safety Permits for the NorthMet Mining Project – A18-1952,
          A18-1953, A18-1958, A18-1959, A18-1960, A18-1961 – Granted
23.     In the Matter of the Welfare of: E.P.T. – A19-0579 – Denied
24.     State of Minnesota vs. Judana Catherine Williams – A19-1033 – Denied
25.     In re the Estate of: Norman Sebert Larson, Deceased – A19-0261 – Denied
26.     Robert Pfoser, as special administrator of the Estate of David Pfoser vs. Jodi Harpstead, Commissioner Minnesota Department of Human
, and Dakota County Human Services, Respondent Below – A19-0853 – Granted
27.     Lonnie Har Larson vs. State of Minnesota – A19-0437 – Denied
28.     State of Minnesota vs. Eric Thomas Grondahl – A19-0292 – Denied
29.     State of Minnesota vs. William Dumont White – A19-0307 – Denied
30.     State of Minnesota vs. Bradley Alan Freeman – A19-0120 – Denied
31.     Chim LoVan v. State of Minnesota – A19-0778 – Denied