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FILED Wednesday, July 8, 2020


A19-0389        Dennis Charles Roberts, Appellant, vs. State of Minnesota, Respondent.
                         Court of Appeals.
            Juvenile delinquency adjudications for felony-level offenses listed in Minn. Stat. § 624.712, subd. 5 (2018), may be deemed “felony convictions” for the purpose of the statutory definition of a “crime of violence.”
            Affirmed.  Justice G. Barry Anderson.
A19-0675        State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Darryl Dewayne Gibson, Jr., Appellant.
                         Court of Appeals.
            A law enforcement officer has a lawful basis to conduct a traffic stop of a driver for a violation of Minn. Stat. § 169.30(b) (2018) when the officer observes the driver fail to stop his or her vehicle at the stop line or stop sign before coming to a complete stop.  
            Affirmed.  Justice G. Barry Anderson.
A19-1875        Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership, Relator, vs. Commissioner of Revenue, Respondent.
                         Tax Court.
            1.         The tax court did not clearly err in its calculation of construction work in progress.
            2.         Although the tax court misstated the law regarding the burden of proving obsolescence, that misstatement was harmless because the tax court did not clearly err in giving little weight to relator’s evidence of external obsolescence.
            3.         Because Minnesota Rule 8100.0200 (2019) allows the tax court to exercise discretion when the circumstances of a valuation estimate dictate the need for it, the tax court erred by concluding that it had no discretion to adjust the default weightings prescribed by Minnesota Rule 8100.0300, subpart 5 (2019).
            Affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded. Justice Anne K. McKeig.


A20-0746        In re Petition for Disciplinary Action against Rolf T. Nelson, a Minnesota Attorney, Registration No. 0078189.           
                         Supreme Court.
            Publicly reprimanded and placed on supervised probation for 2 years.  Justice David L. Lillehaug.
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FILED Tuesday, June 30, 2020

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.         State of Minnesota vs. Jeffrey Alan McRaven – A19-0759 – Denied
2.         State of Minnesota vs. James Allen Buck – A19-0669 – Denied
3.         State of Minnesota vs. Daniel Negase Asefaw – A18-0352 – Denied
4.         State of Minnesota vs. Sahra Abdilahi Ahmed – A19-1222 – Granted/Stayed
5.         State of Minnesota vs. Jomar Londo Haines – A19-1354 – Denied
6.         Garrett Thomas Cekalla vs. Commissioner of Public Safety – A19-1168 – Denied
7.         James A. Compart, et al. vs. Michael K. Riley, Sr., et al. – A19-1376 – Denied
8.         State of Minnesota vs. Christopher Lee Rogers – A19-1133 – Denied
9.         State of Minnesota vs. Andrew Vernard Glover – A19-1656 – Granted
10.       In the Matter of the Administrative Order Issued to Moses Wazwaz, Individually,
            Allstate Construction, Inc., and A & K Construction Services, Inc. – A19-1170 – Denied
11.       Dannielle Zephier vs. Derrick Agate Jr., Lee Ann Krueger – A19-0907 – Granted
12.       State of Minnesota vs. Derek James Robinette – A19-0679 – Denied (Robinette)/Cross-petition granted in part (State)
13.       State of Minnesota vs. Joshua Daniel Luten – A19-0726 – Denied
14.       State of Minnesota vs. Deandre Marquey Birgans – A19-1282 – Denied
15.       Katherine Corrine McClain vs. Troy Dennis Midas – A19-1580 – Denied
16.       State of Minnesota vs. Dustin Lee Redwine – A19-0868 – Denied
17.       State of Minnesota vs. Michael James Schwartz, Jr. – A19-0786 – Granted
18.       Mario A. Ruiz, et al. vs. Michael W. Unger, et al. – A19-1013 – Denied
19.       State of Minnesota vs. Nadeem Malik – A18-2003 – Denied
20.       Philip Lee Carlson & Virginia Marie Carlson vs. State of Minnesota – A19-1004, A19-1005, A19-1442, A19-1443 – Denied
21.       State of Minnesota vs. P.L.C. & V.M.C – A19-1221, A19-1223 – Denied
22.       John Mullaney vs. University of St. Thomas – A19-0964 – Denied
23.       State of Minnesota vs. Lanell Thaddeus Crenshaw – A19-1582 – Denied
24.       State of Minnesota vs. Eric Joseph Coleman – A19-0708 – Granted
25.       Midland Funding LLC, et al. vs. Joy Ford – A19-1887 – Denied
26.       State of Minnesota vs. Jeremiah Joel Bauer – A19-0795 – Denied
27.       Andre Agee vs. City of Minneapolis, et al. – A19-0771 – Denied
28.       In the Matter of the Welfare of M. S.-R. – A19-1468 – Denied
29.       City of Waconia vs. Jayson Dock, et al. – A19-1099 – Granted
30.       State of Minnesota vs. Ling Zhou – A19-0839 – Denied
31.       State of Minnesota vs. Ricardo Medina – A19-0825 – Denied
32.       Jermaine Octavious Stansberry vs. State of Minnesota – A19-1132 – Denied
33.       Whitney Hinrichs-Cady vs. Hennepin County – A19-1561 – Granted