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CourtXML Schema

Last updated - 05/06/2015


A set of XML schemas has been developed to provide the data interface for the Court Integration Services. We use the term CourtXML as a general term to refer to these schemas.

CourtXML is a court centric view of justice information. We recognize that alternate views of this same data exist that may be more suitable to the consumer of our data. Providing court data in XML format with a published CourtXML schema permits consumers to readily transform court data into formats and structures most appropriate to their business practices and technologies.

There are 3 different classifications of CourtXML schemas:

  • Base Schema: A single schema file named CourtXML_#.xsd, where # corresponds to the version, that contains the types that are used to build the messages used by Court Integration Services.
  • Simple Type Schemas: A set of schema files (referenced by the CourtXML base schema) that contain lists of values that are used to restrict the set of possible values for certain elements.
  • Message Schemas: A schema that defines the input and output messages for a given service.


Over time schemas will need to be updated and new versions of schemas will be published. Court Integration Services will process message based on prior versions of schemas for a minimum of 6 months after a new version has been published providing time for consumers to migrate their applications to use the new version.

Update Notification

While current versions of the CourtXML schemas are available in the download section below, consumers desiring timely notification of updates may wish to subscribe to the RSS Feed Court's Integration Services RSS Feed. This RSS Feed provides notification of updated schemas and other documentation. Note: SimpleType schemas and companion files have separate RSS feeds.

Schema Versioning Strategy and Policy

Please review the Judicial Branch's schema versioning strategy and policies.


Once downloaded, schemas may need to be updated to fit within your file structure.

Simple Type Schemas and Companion Files

 Base Schemas

Schema Name Production 
Support Status Deprecated Date Inactivated Date
CourtXML_2.0.0.xsd 06/06/2005  Unsupported 07/16/2007  09/15/2011
CourtXML_3.xsd (w/o enumerations) 07/16/2007 Supported    
CourtXML_3_1.xsd (w/o enumerations) 04/03/2014 Supported

Query Message Schemas

Schema Name Service Page Production 
Support Status Deprecated Date Inactivated Date
CaseGet_2.0.0.xsd <link> 06/06/2005 Unsupported 07/16/2007 06/15/2009
CaseGet_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Unsupported 12/13/2007  
CaseGet_3_2.xsd <link> 12/13/2007 Unsupported 06/26/2008  
CaseGet_3_3.xsd <link> 06/26/2008 Unsupported 08/19/2010   
CaseGet_3_4.xsd <link> 08/19/2010  Unsupported 06/28/2012  
CaseGet_3_5.xsd <link> 06/28/2012 Supported 04/03/2014  
CaseGet_3_6.xsd <link> 04/03/2014 Supported
CaseSearchByParty_2.0.0.xsd <link> 01/01/2006 Unsupported 07/16/2007 06/15/2009
CaseSearchByParty_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Supported    
PartySearch_3_1.xsd     Draft    

Event Notification Message Schemas

Schema Name Service Page Production 
Support Status Deprecated Date Inactivated Date
CaseNotification_2.0.0.xsd <link> 06/06/2005 Unsupported 01/01/2006 06/15/2009
CaseNotification_2.0.0_3.xsd <link> 01/01/2006 Unsupported 07/16/2007 09/15/2011
CaseNotification_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Unsupported 12/13/2007  
CaseNotification_3_2.xsd <link> 12/13/2007 Unsupported 06/26/2008  
CaseNotification_3_3.xsd <link> 06/26/2008 Unsupported 08/19/2010  
CaseNotification_3_4.xsd  <link> 08/19/2010  Unsupported 06/28/2012  
CaseNotification_3_5.xsd <link> 06/28/2012 Supported 04/03/2014  
CaseNotification_3_6.xsd <link> 04/03/2014 Supported
BondNotification_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Unupported 12/13/2007  
BondNotification_3_2.xsd <link> 12/13/2007 Supported 04/03/2014   
BondNotification_3_3.xsd <link> 04/03/2014 Supported
PartyNotification_3_1.xsd     Draft    

E-File Submission Message Schemas

Schema Name Service Page Production 
Support Status Deprecated Date Inactivated Date
AttorneyAssignment_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Supported    
BiometricCollectionStatus_3_1.xsd <link> 02/28/2008 Supported    
CaseCrossReference_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Supported  09/20/2012  
CaseCrossReference_3_2.xsd <link> 09/20/2012 Supported    
CaseDetentionStatus_3_1.xsd <link> 02/28/2008 Supported    
CaseDocumentAdd_3_2.xsd   09/20/2012 Supported    
ComplaintSupplementalDocumentAdd_3_1.xsd <link> 07/07/2011 Supported    
CitationDocument_3_1.xsd  <single> <batch> 07/16/2007 Inactivated 02/04/2010 07/30/2010 *
CitationDocument_3_2.xsd  <single> <batch>   Inactivated 02/04/2010  07/30/2010 *
CitationDocument_3_3.xsd <single> <batch> 02/04/2010 Inactivated 02/16/2012  11/02/2013
CitationDocument_3_4.xsd <single> <batch> 02/16/2012 Inactivated 04/03/2014  01/14/2015
CitationDocument_3_5.xsd <single> <batch> 04/03/2014 Supported
CitationSupplementalDocumentAdd_3_1.xsd   03/25/2010 Pilot    
CriminalComplaintDocument_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Inactivated 02/16/2012 01/14/2015
CriminalComplaintDocument_3_2.xsd <link> 02/16/2012 Inactivated 04/03/2014  01/14/2015
CriminalComplaintDocument_3_3.xsd <link> 04/03/2014 Supported
InitiateCriminalCase_3_1.xsd <link> 02/28/2008 Inactivated 02/16/2012 01/14/2015
InitiateCriminalCase_3_2.xsd <link> 02/16/2012 Inactivated 04/03/2014  01/14/2015
InitiateCriminalCase_3_3.xsd <link> 04/03/2014 Supported
InterpreterStatus_3_1.xsd <link> 02/28/2008 Supported    
JuvenileCitationDocument_3_1.xsd <single> <batch> 09/15/2011 Inactivated 02/16/2012 07/01/2012
JuvenileCitationDocument_3_2.xsd <single> <batch> 02/16/2012 Inactivated 04/03/2014  01/14/2015
JuvenileCitationDocument_3_3.xsd <single> <batch> 04/03/2014 Pilot
OtherAgencyNote_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Supported  09/20/2012  
OtherAgencyNote_3_2.xsd <link> 09/20/2012 Supported    
PersonOtherID_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Supported    
ProfessionalPartyAssignment_3_1.xsd <link> 09/20/2012 Supported    
ScheduleHearing_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Supported    
WarrantStatus_3_1.xsd <link> 07/16/2007 Supported