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Tool Kit: Catch the Vision

20 Recommended Practices to Help Families in the Child Protection Court System With Alcohol and Other Drug Issues

The Tool Kit is a project of the Children's Justice Initiative (CJI) Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) workgroup, and has been developed with technical assistance from the National Center for Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW).

Losing custody of a child due to unsafe conditions often serves to motivate parents to seek treatment for their alcohol and other drug problems. This, in turn, provides a window of opportunity for the involved systems to capitalize on this motivation to engage and retain the parent(s) in the treatment and recovery process. In most cases, this is most effectively accomplished through the use of collaborative best practices that facilitate cross-system communication and planning on behalf of the entire family, utilizing a strength-based, family-centered approach that uses specific strategies that have proven results in positive outcomes. From a family's point of view, improved outcomes are important for personal growth, healthy emotional development, and positive sustained relationships. For social service systems, the improved outcomes can result in reduced future child safety concerns and treatment recidivism, as well as a reduction in broader community consequences related to capacity, resources and cost.

This summary of recommended practices and protocols in the Tool Kit is intended to assist front-line practitioners as well as the managers and supervisors who set policy in the child welfare, chemical health, and juvenile protection court systems. These best practices will help to ensure that, in a fair and timely manner, abused and neglected children involved in the child protection system have safe, stable, permanent families by improving parental and family recovery from alcohol or other drug problems.

Tool Kit - Catch the Vision (adobe)

Took Kit - Catch the Vision (word)

CJI-AOD Best Practicies Definitions Guidelines (word)

CJI-AOD Best Practicies Definitions Guidelines (adobe)

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