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100 Years of Juvenile Justice

The 2005-2006 Minnesota Juvenile CourtCentenary Planning Committee was established to commemorate 100 years of juvenile justice in Minnesota. A detailed description of the work of the Committee can be found in its Final Report.

The primary accomplishments of the Committee follow:  

I. Reenactment of the U.S. Supreme Court Opinion, In re Gault

The Minnesota Supreme Court commemorated the 100thanniversary of juvenile courts in Minnesota by staging a reenactment of excerpts of the oral arguments that led to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in In re Gault.  This landmark decision established due process rights for juveniles.

Script from In re Gault Reenactment

II. Emerging and Innovative Ideas in Juvenile Law: A Symposium Celebrating 100 Years of Juvenile Courts in Minnesota

This day-long symposium provided an overview of the accomplishments in juvenile justice during the past 100 years, as well as a realistic evaluation of the current state of juvenile justice in Minnesota.  It also addressed plans and recommendations for improvements. 

A video of the symposium can be purchased for $35.  This 5 DVD set includes video of the entire symposium and an additional CD-ROM of supplemental materials (handouts, PowerPoint presentations, session summaries, articles, and other documents produced by the Centenary Planning Committee).  If you are interested in purchasing the set, please contact the State Law Library

III. Traveling Storyboard Exhibit

The Committee created a traveling exhibit consisting of storyboards highlighting the history of the juvenile court in Minnesota.  This exhibit, designed for both young people and adults, is suitable for small spaces.  Each of the five storyboards is 32 inches wide and nearly seven feet high.  They are free-standing and  can be configured in a variety of ways including in a circle, back to back or against walls.  The  storyboards display historical photographs and the following content:

  • Wording from the original 1905 statute establishing juvenile courts in Minnesota
  • Definitions for neglected and delinquent children (also from the 1905 statute)
  • The need for separate courts for youth and an overview of brain development in children
  • Timeline since 1874 – incorporating significant developments in the juvenile justice system
  • Descriptions of innovative programs for the 21stCentury - with examples, such as Juvenile Substance Abuse Court, Juvenile Peer Court and Family Group Conferencing 

To Inquire About Displaying the Storyboard Exhibit: Contact the State Law Library for more information.

IV. Juvenile Court Pioneers

A Conversation with Retired Judge Lindsay G. Arthur, juvenile court pioneer in Hennepin County, was recorded on September 27, 2006. This DVD can be borrowed from the State Law Library. (Transcript)

Tribute to the Honorable Archie Gingold, juvenile court pioneer in Ramsey County.