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Brain Chemistry of Addiction

February 2, 2007

"The Brain Chemistry of Addiction" by Carol Ackley

Ms. Ackley addresses the following issues:

  • What is addiction?
  • What are the short-term and long-term neurological effects of alcohol and other drugs as they relate to thinking, behavior, and decision making in child protection cases?
  • What is the impact of different types of drugs related to addiction, including alcohol, meth and cocaine?
  • How the addiction recovery timeline and the 12-month child permanency timeline can be reconciled through early intervention and early services.
  • What judges, attorneys, social workers, GALs and others need to know to improve their practice related to AOD cases.
Presentation Materials

Brain Chemistry of Addiction (video)

Brain Chemistry of Addiction (PowerPoint)

Certificate of Attendance

Brain Chemistry of Addiction - Marijuana

Chemical Dependency Services

Drug Dependence a chronic medical illness

Drugs Most Commonly Used by Youth and Children

Harvard Mental Hlth - The Addicted Brain



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