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Legal Services Advisory Committee

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The Legal Services Advisory Committee (LSAC) makes grants to legal services and alternative dispute resolution programs serving low-income clients.  LSAC funds programs serving every county in Minnesota, with grantees annually provide service to over 50,000 low-income clients statewide.  LSAC grant funding comes from several sources including:

  • funds appropriated by the legislature for civil legal services, governed by Minnesota Statutes 480.242;
  • a portion of the attorney registration fee dedicated to civil legal services;
  • IOLTA revenue; and
  • a statewide cy pres endowment dedicated to civil legal services.

LSAC makes grants on a two-year cycle.  The grant application process for FY14-15 is now closed.  The next application cycle will begin in January 2015. 

FY14-15 Grant Materials:

LSAC FY14-15 Grant Cover Memo

LSAC FY14-15 Grant Application

Additional Resources:

LSAC FY13 Annual Report

Data Handbook - Updated with Outcome Measure Information

Grant Progress Report Form - Appendix A - Due January 15th and July 15th

LSAC Invoice - Appendix B - Invoice form required by the grant contract.

List of LSAC Grant Recipients

List of LSAC Members

Statutory Interpretation and Financial Guidelines

Legal Services Grant Program Manager
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