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Attorney Assignment

Last updated - 02/26/2014

Service Type: E-File Submission

Submit attorney assignments or attorney removals for the defendant or the plaintiff, for a specific criminal case. Prosecutor offices and public defender offices would most likely use this service.



Service Endpoints

  • MQ Series
    • Queue Name: IS_SUBMIT_MNCIS_EFILE_02
    • Queue Manager
      • Development: MSCJB01D
      • Test/QA: MSCJB01T
      • Production: MSCJB01P
  • Web Services   
    • Service Address: WebServices/ServiceCatalog/AttorneyAssignmentService_3_1.svc
    • A copy of the WSDL is available on our public website. By default this points at the Test/QA environment. At runtime you will need to update the endpoint address to reflect the environment you are using.