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Appellate Courts will begin transmitting all notices, orders, and opinions electronically.

Beginning no later than July 1, 2011, the appellate courts will send notices, orders, opinions and correspondence related to pending cases to attorneys in those cases by e-mail rather than postal mail.  All attorneys with pending appellate cases who have not already registered an e-mail address should do so immediately.  Unrepresented parties with pending appellate cases may also participate in this e-notification system by registering an e-mail address.  Please go to for instructions how to register your e-mail address. 










(Added to website 3/20/15)

Filed - March 17, 2015

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type) 

1.        State of Minnesota vs. Ronald Earle Menzie – A13-2092 – Denied
2.        Heidi Weber vs. Minnesota School of Business, Inc. d/b/a Globe University – A14-0831 –
3.        State of Minnesota vs. Jason Lonny Spillum – A13-1773 – Denied
4.        State of Minnesota vs. Timothy Alvis Gayles, Sr. – A14-0326 – Denied
5.        State of Minnesota vs. Raymond Eugene Taylor – A14-0135 – Denied
6.        State of Minnesota vs. Danyelle Raymon Williams – A13-2106 – Denied
7.        State of Minnesota vs. George Howland Jackson – A14-0209 – Denied
8.        Brett Thomas Green vs. State of Minnesota – A14-0613 – Denied
9.        Elfi E. Janssen, et al. vs. Lommen, Abdo, Cole, King & Stageberg, P.A., et al., Sibley
           Holdings, LLC, et al.
– A14-0452 – Denied
10.      State of Minnesota vs. Dana James McEachern – A13-2251 – Denied
11.      State of Minnesota vs. Troy Kenneth Scheffler – A14-1803 – Denied
12.      Curtis Anderson vs. Bradly J. Donabauer, et al. – A14-0383 – Denied
13.      State of Minnesota vs. Manuel Hernandes Ayala – A13-2322 – Denied
14.      Michael Ray Whipple vs. State of Minnesota – A14-1112 – Denied
15.      In re:  Estate of James G. Lindell, Deceased. – A14-0660 – Denied
16.      State of Minnesota vs. Doua Chang – A13-2124 – Denied
17.      State of Minnesota vs. Travis Clay Andersen – A14-0205 – Denied
18.      State of Minnesota vs. Louis Steven Baratto – A14-0596 – Denied
19.      State of Minnesota vs. Ronnie Lee Phillips – A14-0400 – Denied
20.      Terelle Eugene Shaw vs. State of Minnesota – A14-0745 – Denied
21.      State of Minnesota vs. Levi Braziel, Jr. – A13-2327 – Denied
22.      State of Minnesota vs. Devon Griffen Seivers – A14-0077 – Denied
23.      State of Minnesota vs. Gregory Anthony Engebretson – A14-0717 – Denied
24.      Sandra M. Mallan, et al. vs. Dexter Township, Robert W. Wilson d/b/a Bob    
           Wilson Construction, et al., Defendants – A14-2033, A13-2073 – Denied
25.      Timothy Langdon, et al. vs. Holden Farms, Inc. – A14-2177 – Denied
26.      Daniel Luce vs. Brett Spoden – A15-0087 – Denied
27.      Ferdinand Leo Gams, Jr. vs. Steven Ronald Houghton – A14-1747 – Denied
           Joint Petition for Accelerated Review
28.      State of Minnesota vs. Erick Antwan Casey – A14-0201 – Denied
29.      State of Minnesota vs. Jason Ty Anderson – A14-0086 – Denied
30.      State of Minnesota vs. Luis Armando Cubas – A14-1190 – Denied
31.      Mary Beth Davidson vs. North Memorial Health Care, d/b/a North Memorial Medical Center,
           and d/b/a North Memorial Ambulance Service – A14-0381 – Denied
32.      State of Minnesota vs. Gregory Eugene Ward – A13-1433 – Stay Vacated/Denied
33.      State of Minnesota vs. Kiunte Jaishun McCoy – A13-2260 – Stay Vacated/Denied
34.      State of Minnesota vs. Elton Lamar Brown, III – A14-0036 – Stay Vacated/Denied
35.      Katie Kaloustian vs. Dakota Fence Co., Defendant, Landscape Structures, Inc.,  Independent
           School District No. 152 of Clay County, and Dakota Fence Co.,    Landscape Structures, Inc. vs.
            Lakes Country Service Cooperative – A14-0589 – Dismissed (3-3-15)
36.      State of Minnesota vs. Miranda Lynne Jones – A14-1399 – Granted (3-9-15)


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