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Bail Bond Program


All bail bond applications, renewals and suspensions are processed through the Minnesota State Court Administrator’s Office (SCAO) in accordance with the General Rules of Practice for the District Courts, Rule 702 (Go to: Title VIII: Rules Relating to Criminal Matters, Rule 702).  The purpose of centralizing the bail bond process is to simplify and standardize the approval process.  In practical terms, this means that applicants no longer apply for bonding privileges in each judicial district in the state in which they wish to issue bail bonds.  Once an applicant is approved by SCAO the individual is authorized to write bonds in any court in the state.

Important Information for Bonding Agencies and Agents

From time to time, SCAO will post information here that is important for bonding agencies and agents to know in relation to conducting bail bond business with the Courts.

Updated Bail Bond Procedures Released

Effective April 1, 2010:  The State Court Administrator has implemented revised Bail Bond Procedures which are applicable to all bonding agencies, agents and surety companies.  You may view the procedures by following the link in the upper right corner of this page title Bail Bond Procedures.

New Form 702 available for use

Form 702, also known as the "Appearance Form", has been updated to fit on one page and to include a space to identify the bonding agency associated with the bond.  Rule 702(d) requires the use of this form and it is very important that all agencies and agents begin exclusively using the standard form provided by the courts in order to assure uniformity across the state.  The form can be found by clicking here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose form number CRM702).

Addition to the Application Approval process

Effective immediately, SCAO will not approve applications where the agent is not properly appointed by the Surety Company with the Department of Commerce.  Please read this Memorandum for more information.

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