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Children's Program Kit Training

December 10-11, 2008--Children's Program Kit:  Supportive Education for Children of Addicted Parents

Training Invitation and Application in Adobe PDF 

What is the Children's Program Kit:  Often, the people hurt most by alcohol and other drug use disorders don't drink or use drugs - they are the children of alcohol- or other drug-dependent parents.  These children are more likely to experience mental and physical problems and are at increased risk of being neglected or abused.  They are also at much greater risk to become addicted themselves.  The Children's Program Kit:  Supportive Education for Children of Addicted Parents provides educational materials and activities for chemical health treatment providers, therapists, social workers, and other persons who work directly with children and youth to initiate educational support programs for children whose parents have chemical use issues or disorders.  The Kit has activities for children of all age levels, as well as information for agencies to distribute to parents to help them understand the needs of their children.  Details about the Children's Program Kit can be found at

Purpose of Children's Program Kit Training:  This training is not a train-the-trainer session.  Instead, the Children's Program Kit training uses interactive methodology to teach the curriculum and learning techniques to attendees.  Attendees will then be able to return to their counties or agencies or tribes to teach children and youth the skills necessary to cope with their parent's alcohol or other drug dependence.  

Who Should Attend Training:  This was designed for chemical health treatment providers, therapists, social workers, guardians ad litem, and others at the county and tribal level who work directly with children and youth and who aim to help them make sense of what they have been experiencing as a result of their parent's addiction, cope with the stresses of their families' problems, and strengthen their potential for resilience.

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