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Family Law Appellate Mediation Program

The Minnesota Court of Appeals Family Law Appellate Mediation Program is structured to reinforce and work cooperatively with the early-neutral-evaluation and other alternative-dispute processes in the district courts.

Referral to mediation takes place after the statement of the case has been filed and the filing fee has been paid, but occurs before the briefing stage and before litigants incur the substantial costs of ordering transcripts from the district court where the case originated. 

Although the mediation involves a cost, which is shared by the appellant and the respondent, our research shows that appellate family-law mediation has a great potential to save litigants significant time and money. 

Introductory Video (9:31)

Policies and Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Neutral Roster

Confidential Mediator Selection Form

Confidential Information Form

Special Rules of Practice Governing Family Law Appellate Mediation

Order (Dec. 17, 2010)- Supreme Court Promulgates Amendment to Rule 133.01 of the Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure