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Court Data Services Center for Government Subscribers

Catalog of Court Data Services for Government Subscribers

This catalog is an index to all data services offered to government agencies. Each link provides more details about the service and how to subscribe. If you are not a government agency, see our public access to case records webpage.

  • New Minnesota Government Access (New MGA):  New MGA accounts allow government agencies to view appropriate electronic court records and documents stored in the Minnesota Court Information System for cases in Minnesota district courts. New MGA is currently available only to certain agencies in eCourtMN pilot counties.
  • Minnesota Government Access (MGA): Provides individual case access to Register of Actions information on statewide public case records (e.g., filings, hearings, dispositions, sentences and fines), court calendars, and judgments.
  • MNCIS Odyssey Assistant (OA): Provides individual case access to statewide public and confidential case records, calendars, and judgments. MNCIS Odyssey is no longer available to new government subscribers.
  • Integration Services (I.S.): Offers application-to-application electronic exchange of data between the Minnesota courts and justice agencies.
  • MNJAD Extracts & Reports: Provides court records (e.g., case, party, charge, etc.) in bulk on a pre-arranged schedule.
  • 4th District ViBES: Restricted service. Request information.
  • 4th District AX Inactive Electronic Case Documents: Restricted service. Request information.
  • Court Web Access (CWA): This service was discontinued as of April 16, 2010.
  • 2nd District ViBES: Restricted service. Request information.

Questions / Technical Support / Important Notices

Select one of the Court Data Services (in our catalog above) to ask questions, request technical support, and get important notices about the service.

Other Services and References

The following services and reference links may be of interest to your agency.