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MNJAD Extracts & Reports

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What is MNJAD?

This is the homepage for MNJAD Extracts & Reports; bookmark it as needed. It provides important information on how to subscribe to receive MNJAD Extracts and Reports. It also explains how to get support and receive updated notices on this service.

MNJAD is the data warehouse of the Minnesota Judicial Branch. Currently, it receives data primarily from MNCIS Odyssey, the computerized case management system used by Minnesota District Courts to track and manage cases and calendars. The information is fed weekly from MNCIS to MNJAD. The future plan for MNJAD is to receive data from multiple operational systems used throughout the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

MNJAD contains data for many subject areas including but not limited to current and historical cases, charges, placements, judgments, etc. It contains all the data that currently resides in MNCIS Odyssey. Fees may be charged for this service.

To view our entire Catalog of Court Data Services, see the Court Data Services Center for Government Subscribers. If you are not part of a government agency, please read about how to access court records through the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access (MPA) Remote View.

Important Notices:

These Important Notices include usage policies. Subscribe to the RSS feed at the top of this page to automatically receive important notices about this service.

Request an Extract or Report

To submit an application for a MNJAD Extract or Report, click below.

After Requesting an Extract or Report

After your agency has requested an Extract or Report through the link above, a MNJAD Team Member will review your Request Form and contact your agency to discuss more details. For questions during this or any time, please refer to the Support Options, below.

Support Options

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