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Fast Facts about the Judicial Branch

Judicial Branch FY 2014 Annual Budget:
  • District Courts- $247,459,000
  • Supreme Court/State Court Administration- $32,282,000
  • Court of Appeals- $10,641,000
  • Total- $290,382,000
How judges are selected:

Elected in the general election. Non-partisan. For the district court, vacancies between general elections are filled by appointment by the governor from a list compiled by the Commission on Judicial Selection.  For the appellate courts, vacancies between general elections are filled by appointment by the governor. Term of Office: 6 years

Number of Authorized Judgeships:
  • Supreme Court- 7
  • Court of Appeals- 19
  • District (Trial) Courts- 289
  • Total- 315
Judicial Salaries:
  • Supreme Court Chief Justice- $172,012
  • Supreme Court Associate Justice- $156,375 
  • Court of Appeals Chief Judge- $154,712
  • Court of Appeals Judge- $147,346
  • District Court Chief Judge- $145,233
  • District Court Judge- $138,318
Permanent Full-Time Employee Positions Authorized (excluding judges): Appx. 2,500
Judicial Districts: 10
Funding: State-funded
Number of Judicial Branch hearing facilities: 101
Oldest Courthouse: Washington County Courthouse, 101 West Pine Street, Stillwater, 1869.
Number of Courthouses on the National Register of Historic Places: 62
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