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Education Requirements for Remote Interpreting

Complete Basic Remote Interpreting Education Program Requirements for Spoken Language:

To attain the remote interpreter designation, interpreters need to complete the following education program requirements:

Step I.  View Web Recording 

       View Webcast Program – Basic Dynamics of Remote Interpreting (60 minutes)

Interpreters must view the web recording and successfully answer all the questions on the Remote Interpreting Policies & Basic Dynamics Quiz. 

Step II.  Take the Quiz and Send it to the Court Interpreter Program 
  1. Complete the Quiz for Remote Interpreting Policies & Basic Dynamics
  2. Send the Quiz by e-mail to the Court Interpreter Program to:

An email will be sent to interpreters with the results of the Quiz.  If you pass the Quiz by answering all questions correctly, you will be listed on the Statewide Court Interpreter Roster as an Interpreter who completed the remote interpreting education requirements.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for American Sign Language

To attain the VRI designation on the Statewide Roster for ASL interpreters, training is required and offered in-person only. Please contact the Court Interpreter Program for details.