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Law Day 2012

  Law Day 2012   

  "No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom"  

  President Dwight D. Eisenhower established the first Law Day in 1958 to mark the nation's commitment to the rule of law. In 1961, Congress issued a joint resolution designating May 1st as the official date for celebrating Law Day, which was later enacted into a law at U.S. Code, Title 36, § 113. Every president since then has issued a Law Day proclamation on May 1st to celebrate the nation's commitment to the rule of law.

2012 Law Day Proclamation

2012 Law Day Proclamation signed by Governor Mark Dayton (pdf)







Carlton County Law Day EVent


  Carlton County District Court staff (seated) provided a demonstration of the Minnesota Judicial Branch Self-Help computer and showed members of the public what resources are available on the website during a Law Day event on May 1.





Additional Resources


To learn more about Law Day the Minnesota Judicial Branch, or for resources for teaching Civics or the judiciary, please visit the links below.




Minnesota Supreme Court Decisions - Highlights from 2011


Please note: Case summaries provided by Professor Peter Knapp, William Mitchell College of Law; reprinted with permission.




 Civil Cases:  Appellate Opinions:
 Dog Bite: Provocation
 Engquist v. Loyas, 803 N.W.2d 400
 Case #A09-1760
 Justice Dietzen
 Filed September 21, 2011

 Case Summary (pdf)








 Eminent Domain: Regulatory Taking
 DeCook v. Rochester Intern. Airport Joint Zoning Bd., 796 N.W.2d 299
 Case # A09-969
 Justice G. Barry Anderson
 Justice Stras took no part
 Filed March 30, 2011







 Criminal Cases:  Appellate Opinions:
 Arrest: Probable Cause
 State v. Williams, 794 N.W.2d 867
 Case #A08-2129
 Justice G. Barry Anderson
 Justice Page Cconcurring
 Justice Stras took no part
 Filed March 9, 2011  
 Case Summary (pdf)




 Court of Appeals Opinion in Case #A08-2129 


 Search and Seizure: Reasonable Suspicion
 Search and Seizure: Voluntary Consent
 Search and Seizure: Inevitable Discovery
 State v. Diede,
 795 N.W.2d 836
 Case #A09-1120
 Justice Meyer
 Justice Dietzen dissenting, joined by Chief Justice Gildea and  Justice Stras
 Filed March 30, 2011
 Case Summary (pdf)


Supreme Court Opinion in Case #A09-1120 

 Court of Appeals Opinion in Case #A09-1120