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State vs. Byron David Smith- Case # 49-CR-12-1882


Surveillance Video 1

Surveillance Video 2


Audio from Byron Smith's house

Audio from Byron Smith's First Statement, Part One

Audio from Byron Smith's First Statement, Part Two

Audio from Byron Smith's Second Statement

Jury Information

130 prospective jurors were initially summoned, and twelve regular jurors and two alternates were chosen to serve on the case. There are seven men and seven women.

Prospective Juror Supplemental Questionnaire Sample (PDF)

Jury Instructions (PDF)

Use of Electronic/Communication Devices and Equipment

In judicial corridor and courtroom- Electronic recording or communication devices, including, but not limited to, cell phones, cameras of any type, dictation devices, personal computers, and wireless devices, shall not be admitted beyond the metal detector at the entry to the judicial corridor, except for licensed attorneys. Under no circumstances may such devices be brought into or used in the courtroom. Courthouse security staff at weapons screening will provide keys to nearby lockers upon request so that reporters can safely store electronic recording or communication devices. If someone is seen using electronic or communications devices in the courtroom, other than for the use outlined in the exception below, they will be removed and not allowed to return for the remainder of the trial. Also, objectionable material generated by the inappropriate usage, such as photos or recordings, will be deleted from the device that was used inappropriately. 

Other areas of Government Center- Cameras, personal computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices will be allowed in designated areas of the Morrison County Government Center.

Exception: Media members will be permitted to use laptop computers in the courtroom during trial. Laptops are to be used solely for the purpose of notetaking and shall not be used to transmit or receive data while the trial is in session. Photography will not be allowed in the courtroom. iPads will not be allowed in the courtroom and therefore cannot be used for notetaking purposes.

Loitering; Blocking of Public Areas

Blocking of or loitering in walkways, doorways, staircases, or near elevator entrances will not be permitted in any part of the Morrison County Government Center.

Courtroom Protocol

Except in the event of an emergency or for the conduct of court functions by court personnel, no one shall be permitted to enter or leave the courtroom while court is in session without the prior authorization of the court.

Trial attendees shall not wear or carry signs, buttons, articles of clothing or attire, or other displays that refer to or call attention to this case, the victims, parties or witnesses, or that refer to or express an opinion about firearms, gun control policy, or law enforcement.

Trial attendees shall not make any facial expression, gesture, utterance, or change of demeanor that conveys any opinion or belief in response to a statement of a party or witness, argument or statement of counsel, or ruling of the court.

Printable Protocol Guide and Interior Map of the Government Center


Prosecutor: Pete Orput- (651) 430-6115
Defense: Steven Meshbesher- (612) 332-2000


There is limited parking around the Morrison County Government Center. Please observe city street and lot parking restrictions and time limitations, as they will be enforced. Street parking is available throughout the area. 

Exterior Map of the Government Center with Parking Information

Morrison County Courthouse 


Kyle Christopherson
Communications Specialist
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