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Complaint Process

Neutrals who are on the ADR Rule 114 Roster or who are court appointed are bound by the Rule 114 Code of Ethics (available in Word or in Rich Text). The Code of Ethics is designed to protect consumers, guide neutrals who provide ADR services, and ensure the integrity of ADR in Minnesota. If a neutral violates any of the provisions of the Code of Ethics, parties may file a complaint with the ADR Ethics Board (formally ADR Review Board). Parties should complete the complaint form (available in Word or in Rich Text) and attach any important documents related to the complaint, including a copy of the court order that appoints the neutral in the case if applicable.

The ADR Ethics Board will review the complaint at their Board meeting, which is the third Wednesday of every month. Complaints and materials submitted after the first of the month will not be considered by the ADR Ethics Board until the subsequent month.  If the Board does not find the facts of the complaint state a violation of the Code of Ethics, the complaint is dismissed. If the Board agrees the facts of the complaint state a violation of the Code of Ethics, court staff and designated Board member will investigate the complaint. The investigation starts by notifying the neutral of the allegation. The neutral has 30 days to respond after receiving notification. After the investigation is completed, the investigation team will give their findings and proposed recommendation to the Board. The Board may issue a public or private sanction, dismiss the complaint, or suggest mediation between the neutral and complainant. For a complete list of possible sanctions please refer to the Code of Ethics Enforcement Procedure (available in Word or in Rich Text). Please note the Board does not have the authority to reverse a neutral's or court's decision on a case.

If the ADR Ethics Board issued a public sanction against a neutral, ADR staff may give this information out to the public. Otherwise all complaint information is private and confidential.

For a complete detailed description of the complaint process please read the ADR Rule 114 Code of Ethics Procedure flowchart (available in Word or Rich Text).