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Appellate Courts will begin transmitting all notices, orders, and opinions electronically.

Beginning no later than July 1, 2011, the appellate courts will send notices, orders, opinions and correspondence related to pending cases to attorneys in those cases by e-mail rather than postal mail.  All attorneys with pending appellate cases who have not already registered an e-mail address should do so immediately.  Unrepresented parties with pending appellate cases may also participate in this e-notification system by registering an e-mail address.  Please go to for instructions how to register your e-mail address.




A14-1176       110 Wyman, LLC, et al., Appellants (A14-1176), Ruby Red Dentata, LLC, et al.,
A14-1177       Appellants (A14-1177), vs. City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Respondent.
Hennepin County District Court, Hon. Philip D. Bush and  Hon. Regina M. Chu.
           Service charges that a city imposes under chapter 428A of the Minnesota Statutes are not subject to the common law special-benefit standard; rather, they are subject to the standard set forth in Minn. Stat. § 428A.02, subd. 3 (2014), that requires service charges to be "reasonably related to the special services provided" and proportionate to the cost of providing the service.
           Affirmed.  Judge Michael L. Kirk.

       Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Respondent, vs. Gary E. Mitchell, et al.,
                      Appellants, John Doe, et al., Defendants.
           Scott County District Court, Hon. Judge Rex D. Stacey.
           1.   Holder of sheriff's certificate of sale suffers injury-in-fact when former owners of the property sold at the sheriff's sale remain in possession of the property after expiration of the redemption period, giving holder of sheriff's certificate of sale standing to bring an eviction action.
           2.   Former owners remaining in possession of property after a foreclosure and sheriff's sale are not "tenants" within the meaning of Minn. Stat. § 504B.121 (2014) in the absence of a lease agreement with new owner.
           3.   A district court's discretion to grant a stay in an eviction action pending resolution of a related parallel civil action is only guided by Bjorklund v. Bjorklund Trucking, Inc., 753 N.W.2d 312 (Minn. App. 2008), review denied (Minn. Sept. 23, 2008), when the parallel action involves a claim of a breach of the agreement that gave the present possessor the right of possession.
           Affirmed.  Judge John P. Smith.