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Scheduling a Special Term Motion

How to file a motion before a judge?


Generally, your file must have originated in Hastings in order to place a motion on the special term calendar in Hastings.

A special term motion can be scheduled for hearing any Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m., excluding legal holidays and judges’ meeting dates. The day you select for your motion will be the day the motion is heard regardless of how many cases are scheduled, except for Summary Judgment motions.  To schedule a Summary Judgment motion, please contact the Hastings Court to verify a date.  However, you should follow Minnesota Statutes as to how much time is required for service. Your motion, with the hearing date noted, should be filed in the Hastings Civil Division prior to the hearing together with the appropriate filing fee.

How do I file a motion before a specific judge?
On rare occasion, a file is assigned to a specific Judge. If you need to schedule a motion in front of that Judge, you may contact Central Assignment at 651-438-4326 to see if that Judge is available on the date and location you would like your motion heard.  When you file your documents with the Court, the hearing date should be noted on your motion. You should also state in your cover letter that the date has been approved by Central Assignment to avoid an unnecessary phone call from our office.

Apple Valley and West St. Paul
To schedule a motion in Apple Valley or West St. Paul you must contact the District Court to obtain a motion date.