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Continuance Policy for Civil Jury & Court Trials


Two continuances may be granted by the scheduling clerk with consent of all parties and for good cause shown.  Before a continuance is granted, a new trial date must be agreed upon by all parties and District Court.



1.  Must be filed within one year of original filing date

2.  Less than two previous continuances

3.  Must be done at the consent of all parties

If you meet all the above conditions, contact District Court at (651) 438-8199 for available court dates and times.  The case will be continued over the phone with a new notice and scheduling order being sent to all parties.


If you answered "NO" to any of the above questions, then follow the steps below for a continuance:

 You must submit a Proposed Order for Continuance which contains the follwoing information:

1.  Reason for Continuance

2.  Rescehduled trial date (This must be obtained through District Court, (651) 438-8199)

3.  All parties must sign the order

4.  Must leave a vacant line for Judge's signature

5.  Any other new dates required such as Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) dates, etc.  (If these dates are not included, District Court will issue a new scheduling order containing the revised dates with the approved Proposed Order for Continuance)

6.  Send all this information to: 

                                                          District Court - Civil Filing

                                                          Dakota County Judicial Center

                                                          1560 Highway 55

                                                          Hastings, MN  55033


The original trial date will remain on the calendar until all necessary paperwork is filed and the proposed order is signed by the Judge.  At which time, the new trial date will be assigned and a copy of the order, along with a new scheduling order (if applicable) will be mailed to all parties.