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Filing Fees

Adoption Fee $325.00
Adoption Fee (International) $250.00

Conciliation Court to District Court $250.00

Civil Cases:
Plaintiff & Defendant $250.00
Harassment $250 (unless waived by judge)

Conciliation Court:
Claim/Counterclaim $60.00

Family Cases:
Annulment, Child Support, Separation
Paternity, Custody
Dissolution $330.00
Other Family $250.00

Probate Cases: 
Informal & Formal, Supervised, Unsupervised, Administration, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Determination of Descent and other Probate matters (No fee for additional filers i.e. objections, petition for proceeding on claim, etc.) $250.00

Tax Court: 
Regular Division - Petitioner $250.00
Small Claims Division:  $160.00

Miscellaneous Filing Fees: 
Application for Discharge of Judgments against Bankruptcy Debtors (per judgment) $5.00
Assignment of Judgment $5.00
Child Support Motion Fee $55.00
Delinquent Real Estate Taxes (Confession of Judgment) Partial Satisfaction Paid through Auditor
Delinquent Real Estate Taxes (Confession of Judgment) Filing Paid through Auditor
Expungement Petition $250.00
Fax Filing ($25 per each 50 pages or portion) $25.00 Min.
Foreign/Plea of/Confession of Judgment $1-$7500 $60.00
Foreign/Plea of/Confession of Judgment $7501+ $250.00
Judicial Determination of Forfeiture $1-$499  $0.00
Judicial Determination of Forfeiture $500-$7500  $60.00
Judicial Determination of Forfeiture $7501+ $250.00
Motions & Response to Motions - Civil, Family, Guardianship/Conservatorship $55.00
Rent Escrow $60.00
Satisfaction of Judgment (Full or Partial) $5.00
Transcript of Judgment (Filing) $30.00
Trust Account Filing $40.00

Copy Fees:
Copy of an instrument from a proceeding (case-file specific) -whether paper or electronic - Certified $10.00
Copy of an instrument from a proceeding (case-file specific) - whether paper or electronic - Uncertified $5.00
Copies of miscellaneous documents (not case-file specific or no fee otherwise specified) - i.e. judgment abstract report, listing of cases filed, etc. (M.S. 382.16 - provides for certified copy only--use special certification language)  $5.00
Copies - Plain Photo Copies/Copy Service/ Discretionary Copies - customer provides original, personal copies, insignificant documents, etc. $.25
Certificates of Authentication/Exemplification $10 + certified copy fee(s)

Other Fees:
Executions $40.00
Faxing Service (outgoing only) Service not provided.
Judgment Search (per name) $5.00
Jury Fee  $75.00
Levy Exemption Request for Hearing $1.00
Request for Disclosure (per debtor) $5.00
Order to Show Cause (per debtor) $5.00
Subpoena (per name) $12.00
Transcript of Judgment (issued for other county) $30.00
Will Deposit $20.00
Writs $40.00