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Court Administration

15 W Kellogg Blvd Room 1700
Saint Paul MN 55102
(651) 266-8266

The Second District Administration Office oversees the general operation of the Courts and handles matters not confined to a particular department, such as budget and accounting, human resources, and maintenance of the computer network.  Fiscal Year 2013 Progress Report

Court Hearings and Judicial Staff

When is my court date?

You can check online using the case number or the case participant name.  If you can't find the case there, individual court offices can help you.  For help figuring out who to call, visit the Contact Us page on this web site.

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How do I contact a judge?

Judges' private lines are not published on this site, but you can call the Assignment Division at 651-266-8303 and ask for the number to the judge's office.  Note: Do not attempt to contact a judge directly about a case he or she is presiding over.  Without the presence of the other party, it is what is called ex-parte communication and is forbidden.

How do I get a transcript of a court proceeding?

You must contact the court reporter directly to order a transcript of your proceedings.  If you do not know the name of the court reporter that was at your hearing contact the Assignment Division Office at 651-266-8303.  Please note that the retention schedule for courtroom proceedings notes/recordings is 10 years, which means that transcripts for cases older than 10 years will not be available.

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How do I contact a court reporter for a transcript?

Call the Assignment Division Office at 651-266-8303 and ask for the information.  Be prepared to provide the case number, court hearing date and time, and the presiding judge.

Can I reserve a conference room or presentation equipment for a hearing I have scheduled?

Yes.  Make the arrangements through the office of the judge who will presiding over the hearing.  Available technology may vary with the location of the hearing.  Consult the Courtroom Technology Resources page of this site to confirm that what you want is available.

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Can I reserve a conference room if there is no hearing scheduled?

No.  Conference rooms (and presentation equipment) are specifically meant for hearings and trials, not depositions or private interviews.

Other Questions

How do I verify that someone is employed by 2nd District Court?

If you are seeking employment verification for purposes of loan or credit approval, you must have the consent of the individual to do so.  Contact Human Resources at 651-266-9266.

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How do I apply for employment? For an internship?

All employment opportunities, including law clerk positions with judges, are handled by the Minnesota Judicial Branch.  Visit their Career, Volunteer, and Intern Opportunities page for more information.

How do I get a judge to perform my marriage?

Consult the Marriage page on this web site.  If you want to know a little bit about the judge before you contact him or her, Judge biographies are available on the MN Judicial Branch web site, but return to the Marriage page for the correct number to call.

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How do I get a marriage license?

Contact the Ramsey County Office of Vital Records.  For instructions, visit the Marriage Licenses page of their web site or call them directly at 651-266-1333

Do you offer tours of the courthouse?

Yes.  Specifically, they are offered by Ramsey County.  For more information, visit the Courthouse Tours page of the Ramsey County Web site.

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Is it possible to view a trial?

Yes, unless it is closed to the public.  If you want to attend a hearing or trial to see how court works, contact the Assignment Division Office at 651-266-8303 for advice on what sessions are where and what would best meet your interest.