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The court calendar is posted on this web site once per day. While we strive to insure the accuracy of the information provided, court calendars are regularly being updated, and the judge assignments, courtroom assignments and scheduled cases are all subject to change. If your case does not appear on these calendars, do NOT assume your court appearance has been cancelled or rescheduled. You are required to appear in court for any previously scheduled court hearing, regardless of whether or not it is listed on the calendars on this website. Court calendars reflect scheduled courtroom activities only. They are not intended to include all matters processed or handled by the court each day. Cases noted as confidential may not be open to the public.
On each Judge''s calendar page you can use the browser''s Find command under Edit on the menu bar at the top of the calendar page to enter your name or the name of an attorney and have the browser find it for you.

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