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Online Services

The Court offers a number of services you can perform online--no driving, no parking ramps, no waiting in line, no hold music.  If you need information about a specific case, use our Court Records application to find it.  You can e-file your Civil case, pay a parking or traffic fine, download a form or update Probate Conservatorship information.

 Feature Services Provided
Click here to inquire on or pay a fine.

Inquire on or pay:
*Parking tickets
*Traffic violations
*Violations of City Ordinances
Any fine that is payable without going to court, provided that the offense has not been scheduled for court or referred to a collection agency for non-payment.  To inquire, click the link and begin the process.  Once you learn the fine amount, you may pay it, inquire on a different ticket, or navigate back to our home page.
Inquire on or pay a 2nd District Fine


Piloting with select agencies is coming to an end.  All attornies should sign up for and eFile documents and subpoenas.
Electronically file a court document

Court Records 

The Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS), where court records are kept, is  available online.  Certain restrictions apply:
Records involving confidential information may not be available or their availability may limited.
Criminal and Traffic records that are still pending (where a finding of guilty or not guilty or dismissal of charges has yet to occur) are not displayed online by MN Supreme Court mandate.  Information about these case is available at public PC terminals in Criminal Division offices.
You must read and agree to terms and conditions and click on "I Accept" before getting to the search page.
Search Court Records



If you are the conservator of the financial affairs of a protected person and would like to file the mandated regular reports online, you may sign up to do so. Conservatorship accounts can be maintained online with an account name and password. 
MyMNConservator Login

Court Forms

Downloadable forms are kept in a central location.  Many of the forms can be filled out and even submitted online.  All forms can be printed.
Browse Court Forms

2nd District: Main FAQ page

The FAQ system is distributed across the 2nd District (Ramsey County) Site.  Use the Main FAQ page to move between the pages that are organized by topic.  Look for the How do I... logo to return you to the main page.
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