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Judicial Assignment

Chief Judge: Hon. Teresa R. Warner
Assistant Chief Judge: Hon. George T. Stephenson

The 2nd District Judges are currently assigned to the following rotations:

*Judge Flynn is assigned 75% Civil & Probate, 25% Criminal.
‡Judge Higgs is assigned 75% Civil & Probate, 25% Criminal.

Civil Assignment

15 W Kellogg Blvd Room 600
St. Paul MN  55102
651-266-8253 Option #5
Map / Directions

Civil cases assigned to a judge are managed by the Civil Assignment Office of the Civil Division. There are six judges assigned to major civil cases and two judges assigned to probate and civil commitment calendars.

If your case is assigned to a Civil Team Judge and you wish to schedule a hearing or motion, you must contact the Judge's case manager. You need not contact the Judge's law clerk or court reporter.

The case manager for Judges Guthmann and Van de North may be reached at (651) 266-8306.

The case manager for Judge Leary may be reached at (651) 266-8307.

The case manager for Judge Marek may be reached at (651) 266-8308.

The case manager for Judge Marrinan may be reached at (651) 266-8309.

For information regarding implied consent scheduling, you may call (651) 266-8309.

Mary Jo Maxwell
Civil Assignment Operations Supervisor