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Suburban Court

2050 White Bear Ave
Maplewood MN 55109

Maplewood Courthouse

In June of 2005, a new Ramsey County Suburban Courthouse facility located on White Bear Avenue in Maplewood Minnesota opened its doors.

Ramsey County Suburban Court handles criminal and traffic cases charged in the fifteen cities of suburban Ramsey County as well as the State Fair grounds.  To do this, the Suburban Court works with nine Suburban law enforcement agencies, the Ramsey County Sheriff, and the Minnesota State Patrol.

The cases heard in the Suburban Court (often referred to as Maplewood Court or Maplewood Branch because of the city of location) include all petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor charges. Court calendars heard in the Suburban Branch include arraignments, pre-trials, court trials and the first day of jury trials.

Fines from any offense filed in the Second District can be paid at the cashier window. Administrative Hearing Officers are available to hear any case filed in the Second District that does not require an appearance in court.

If you have a question about a parking citation, traffic ticket, court appearance, or other matter concerning a suburban case, refer to the Frequently-asked questions for the Traffic Violations Bureau or the Criminal Division, or call the office directly at the number above.

If you need to contact a prosecutor or the the police agency involved in a specific charge, here is a breakdown by city of police agencies and prosecuting attorneys.