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About the Second District Court

The Second Judicial District Court (Ramsey County) is a unified trial court with general jurisdiction to hear all types of civil and criminal cases. The Court has a total of 29 judges, four referees and two magistrates. Judges can hear any criminal or civil matter brought before them, so they are assigned to various calendars as determined by the Chief Judge who has the authority to assign judges and referees. The main Courthouse is located in downtown St. Paul. The Second District is legislatively mandated to maintain a suburban court site, which is located in the city of Maplewood.

The Mission of Ramsey District Court

Court Organization:

The Second Judicial District Court is organized into five areas:


Court Administration oversees the general operation of the Court and handles matters not confined to a particular department, such as Human Resources, Budget and Accounting, and Information Services.

Assignment Office

The Assignment Office schedules Civil and Criminal cases and courtroom assignments. Their responsibility also overseeing the Interpreters and Jury offices. The Assignment Division publishes Daily Court Calendar assignments and the Weekly Court Schedule.


In addition to Civil lawsuits, the Civil Division is responsible for cases involving Civil Commitment, Probate, Conciliation, and Housing
Interest Rates on Judgments and Awards

Criminal and Traffic

The Criminal and Traffic Division handles the processing of criminal complaints, criminal citations, and traffic tickets.  It also provides support staff for criminal-related and traffic-related court sessions. The Violations Bureau is part of the Criminal and Traffic Division.

Juvenile & Family

This court oversees the areas of: Domestic Abuse, Family Court, Harassment and Juvenile.

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