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Order for Protection (OFP)

Orders for Protection (OFP) are civil orders that can order a respondent: 1) not to physically harm; 2) not to have contact; 3) not to enter petitioner's residence/workplace. An OFP can also decide issues of custody, parenting time and support (see statute below for more details).

The person requesting an order is the petitioner.

The person the order is against is the respondent.

Minnesota Statute 518B.01 requires that to file in Second Judicial District, specifically Ramsey County a petitioner must:

  1. Petition to a court with jurisdiction:
    • Petitioner or Respondent live in Ramsey County
    • Pending or completed family court action involving parties in Ramsey County
    • Alleged abuse occurred in Ramsey County
  2. Have (or have had) a qualifying relationship with the respondent:
    • Spouse or former spouse
    • Live or have lived together
    • Child in common (born or in utero)
    • Related by blood
    • Parents and children
    • Significant romantic or sexual relationship
  3. Allege recent incident of domestic abuse
    • Physical harm, bodily injury or assault
    • Fear of imminent harm, bodily injury or assault
    • Terroristic threats
    • Acts of criminal sexual conduct
    • Interference with an emergency call

The civil court filing fees are waived for Orders for Protection.