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Other Legal Problems

Court staff and volunteers at the main Self-Help Center location in the Hennepin Co. Govt. Center help people with court cases NOT involving family law. Help with Family Law Cases is available at the Family Justice Center location.

Self-Help Services and Resources

  • Forms and written instructions (some fees may apply)
  • Videos on how to represent yourself in court
  • Online tools for filling out forms
  • Brief legal advice from volunteer attorneys
  • One-on-one help to learn court procedures
  • One-on-one review of your court forms
  • Referrals to community resources and legal services

Court Forms

Some court forms and instructions are written just for the Hennepin County Court are available online at 4th District (Hennepin) Court Forms. Other forms may only be available at the courthouse. Please note that forms are not available for everything. See 4th District Court locations.

More court forms and instructions are written to be used in any Minnesota District Court, and they are available online at State Court Forms.

Legal Advice Clinics 

Volunteer lawyers are available at the Self-Help Centers to give brief legal advice for free. Generally, you must live in Hennepin County or have a court case in Hennepin County to use the walk-in services at the Self-Help Centers. See Legal Advice Clinics hours and locations.


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