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Criminal Mental Health Court

Criminal Mental Health Court of the Fourth Judicial District is an innovative program that capitalizes on the criminal court involvement for the identification of individuals with mental illness with unmet health care needs, for setting into motion a rapid response to these needs, and for using the court involvement as means for maximizing compliance. This program has been nationally recognized as a leader in innovation.

The operation of Criminal Mental Health Court has stimulated a change in the manner that defendants with mental illness are responded to by both the mental health system and the correctional system. The Criminal Mental Health Court has established a more fluid referral process with the county case management system and has developed partnerships with other vendors of mental health services in Hennepin County. Criminal Mental Health Court promotes access, improves the quality of and removes barriers to mental health care services to a historically underserved population.

Mental Health Court Brochure

For more information contact:

Judge Kerry W. Meyer

Allison Holbrook
email: Allison.Holbrook@courts.state.mn.us 


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